Debbie laid there, her head turned to the side, her eyes only half open, her ass in the air, and unable to move.

In some ways it was highly frustrating, in others, not so much.

She knew deep down that she should get up and get dress and then run as fast as she could from the hotel room, but that wasn’t an option. At least not in anyway she could figure out to actualize.

Instead she looked at her phone, the screen unlocked and displaying the messages she’d been having with Tom over the last few weeks. They had started off innocently enough, a wrong phone number, a quick apology, a bit of flirting, but they had steadily progressed from there until she was sending him nudes and videos of her masturbating.

Just as she knew she should be running away, she knew he’d done something to her. She wasn’t sure how, maybe infected her phone somehow? But she knew it was true the first time he’d asked for a nude and she’d sent it. She’d never done anything like that before and she’d never wanted to either.

Her phone binged and her eyes went wide for just a moment as she gasped, “Just in the lobby, that ass had best be ready…”

She let out a low whimper and gripped the sheets even tighter as she tried to raise her ass up even higher.

It was only a few minutes later that she heard the door lock cycle and the door swing open, soft footsteps hitting the carpet as the door swung closed again with a bang.

The footsteps stopped at the end of the bed, but she dared not look, instead she waited as she heard his clothing hit the floor and then his one hand reach out and take hold of her ass.

She closed her eyes for only a moment but let out a low sustained moan as he squeezed her ass with his hand. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw his phone bounce on the bed just before another message appeared on her screen, “Say it and I will make it true.”

Another little whimper came out from between her lips before she finally managed to get them to form the words she knew she had to say, “Puh… puh… please Sir, claim my ass. Take my anal cherry and own me. Make me your property and use me as you see fit.”

Her pussy was dripping wet with excitement, but she knew it wouldn’t be used today, it wasn’t want today was for. Instead she felt the bed move under her as he climbed on to it, and then both of his hands take her hips and hold her steady as his tip pushed up against her sphincter.

Her eyes widened as she took in a gasp of air, and then let it out in a moan as he slipped deep in to her ass. Her mind succumbed to a torrent of pleasure and she squealed out in joy. The only thought still managing to rise above it all was how good it was to be use by her owner.