“Jinkies! What do we have here?” Tammy said as she held the magnifying glass up in front of her, aimed right at John’s exposed crotch.

“I think I’ve found the solution to the mystery!” she exclaimed and then hiked up her skirt with one hand while she tossed the magnifying glass on the couch as she walked up to John and straddled him and lowered herself on to his hard shaft.

“Mmmmm… yeah… that’s the solution right there!” she said as she wiggled her hips, his dick deep inside of her pussy.

She then unclipped her bra and let her tits fall out before pushing them right in to John’s face, “Can’t you see it? It’s right there! Yeah, right there!”

His hand were on her ass, when she finally pulled back a bit, his lips found her hard nipple as she bounced up and down on him.

“Oh god yes, I found it! I definitely found it! The… the… the solution to… to the… disappearing… cock! I found it! It’s right… right in my pussy!”

She increased her pace until she felt John stiffen and she jumped off of him, getting between his legs, and jerking him off with her hands.

“Give me the solution! Give it to me right where I can see it!” she cried out just as the first stream of cum flew out of his dick and landed across her face and glasses. It was followed by several more and orgasms crested each time they did.

Tammy looked at her closet and smiled when she saw the Velma outfit and her fingers reached out to grab it, she had the matching magnifying glass in her dresser drawer, though honestly it could be used with a couple of the outfits that filled her closet.

She had Daphne, Buffy, Lara, Power Girl, and a dozen others. After her divorce she’d had to find some kind of work and even though she’d hatted her ex-husbands obsession with cartoons, she had to admit that men would pay good money fuck their cartoon crushes in real life. It had in fact been the thing that had driven her to divorce her ex in the first place, his instance that she dress up and “role play” for him.

She’d refused of course, they were married, she didn’t have to do that kind of crap for him.

Perhaps if she’d realize he’d take her to the cleaners in the divorce due to the pre-nup and its instance on using some arbitration company call “The Perfect Divorce Service”, she might have put a bit of effort in to it.

Well, no matter, that was in the past and she was quite happy now. She had a group of regulars that paid her handsomely and with the condo, the only think of value she had gotten out of the divorce, she was all set.

John looked down at the streams of cum across his ex-wife’s face, a stupid grin on her face as she snuggled between his legs. He had to admit that choosing Velma today was definitely the right choice, though he was looking forward to some of the other choices he had once she’d lost a few extra pounds around her midsection so she could show off a full six pack of abs. She was well on her way though, maybe another month before he had her in the Lara costume.

He reached down between his legs and took his softening shaft and flicked the last few drops of cum from it on to Tammy’s face before he stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was easy enough to find, the layout of the condo was exactly the same as his, after all it was just one floor down, which made dropping by any time he wanted to really convenient.

He made a mental note to reach out to The Perfect Divorce Service and thank them again for the suggestion.