Rhonda looked down at the way her new tits stretched out her dress and smiled, god she loved them so much!

Instinctively her hands reached up and squeezed them together and she let out a moan as her head titled back and her eyes rolled up as well.

“Aren’t you ready yet Sugar Tits?” came the yell from downstairs that brought her out of the pleasure of fondling her own tits.

“Coming baby!” she yelled back, double check herself in the full length mirror and then minced her way out of the closet and down to her waiting boyfriend Evan.

He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in tight, her tits pushed against his chest as he squeezed her ass and kissed her. When he broke it off in smirked at her for a moment before speaking.

“You look good, let’s get going.”

“Thanks baby, you bet!” she replied and then he led her out the front door to his car, they were quickly on their way down the road and towards the club.

It was a strip club and she’d be shaking her new tits on stage in the amateur night even soon enough. Though she hoped she wouldn’t be a amateur by the time they left, but a pro.

God was she ever looking forward to having all those horny guys looking at her tits, almost as much as she was looking forward to taking them in to the back and letting them get hands on with them.

“Now, you remember what we talked about, right?” Evan asked.

“Of course baby! If the manager wants a blowjob, make sure he cums on my tits, and if he wants my pussy or ass, make sure he cums on my face!”

“That’s my girl. God I can’t believe how far you’ve come!”

She just giggled in response and knew he was right. Six months ago she was a boring, flat chested, brunette, now look at her!

She could hardly believe she used to be that girl that just laid there and only let the guy do her missionary style. Bu then again, what could you expect from someone with such small tits?

Her gaze cast down at her chest again and she smiled, god she loved them so much more now. And the best part was that Evan and been sucking, slapping and fucking them every chance he got!

Which was any time he wanted to of course as that’s exactly what Rhonda wanted as well. She had to admit that since she started dating Evan, she’d kinda become obsessed with her tits. And her looks. And her body in general. And makeup. And fashion.

Her nipples hardened as a little chill of excitement came over her just from thinking about it.

They pulled in to the parking lot of the strip club and her excitement only increased.

Evan sat at the back of the strip club at one of the VIP tables that was separated out from the rest of the club with Don, the manager of the club, as Rhonda shook her tits on stage.

“Fuck, that surgeon of yours really does good work.” Don said with a whistle.

“Yeah, I send him enough business, you’d think he’d give me a discount, but nope.”

“Worth whatever it costs though.”

“Yeah, which is why I keep going back of course.”

“So what’s this ones name?”

“Rhonda something? I forget her last name, I just call her Sugar Tits.”

Don chuckled, “Don’t you call them all that?”

“Maybe… but if the name fits…” Evan said just as the song ended and Rhonda finished dancing. It was only took her a few seconds to shimmy off the stage and make her way to that back where the two men sat.

“We’ll have to do something about the name though…” Don said just before Rhonda arrived at their table.

“So? How did I do?” she enthused as she stood naked before them, her tits bouncing up and down a little from the sure excitement she felt.

Evan looked at Don with a smile, “That was a good stage show, I think you have the right… skills… for this kind of work.” Don replied.

“Have a seat Sugar Tits, here I think I heard your phone go off as well…” Evan said and pushed her small purse over towards her as she sat across from them.

Rhonda didn’t notice Evan taking his own phone out as she dug through her purse, finally finding her phone and unlocking it. As soon as she did a swirling pattern filled her screen and her eyes went wide, “Oooooo… pretty colours…” she managed to get out before her whole face went slack.

“Let’s see here… Rhonda Portsmith… current aliases Sugar Tits and Fuck Juggs. Any thoughts on what you’d prefer?” Evan asked.

“Hmmm… How about Randi Portholes and an alias of Dede Juggs?”

Evan typed for a moment and then Rhonda’s screen started to flash, “Done.”

Randi blinked several times and then tossed her phone back in to her purse, the message wasn’t as important as they guys sitting across from her. She smiled and gave her tits a jiggle as they both smiled at her.

“So, uhm, do I get the job?” she asked.

“Sure, let’s go back in to my office and get your paperwork filled out, how does that sound Randi?”

“That’s amazing! Can I start tonight? I mean, there’s still lots of time left… I could get a few guys in the VIP at least right?”

“We’ll see, the paperwork might take.. awhile.” Don said with a grin and Randi knew exactly what he meant. She was sure she could get him to cum on her tits or face and still have time to get out on to the floor and get a least a couple guys to take her in to the VIP.

As she followed Don to his office, she heard the DJ come across the PA system and announce the next dancer and she couldn’t wait to here him announce her name, or the first customer to say her name, or the first VIP customer to cum on her tits while calling it out.

Dede Juggs was going to be the most popular dancer at the club and she couldn’t wait to show Evan how grateful she was by giving him every penny she earned.