Shelly walked quickly down the street to the coffee shop clutching the bills in her hand, her heels clicking against the paving stones. She’d made a terrible mistake that morning, not checking the schedule to know what the first appointment was and by the time she arrived at the office it was almost too late!

She’d grabbed a few dollars from her purse and rushed out of the office, almost running to the elevator and down to the street, if she was lucky she had just enough time to get the coffee for Mr. Rutger and his monthly meeting with Mr. Freeman.

If either arrived before she returned she didn’t know what she would do!

She put that thought out of her mind and picked up her pace as much as she could and arrived almost out of breath, but managed to get order in and toss the cash at the clerk, not caring that it was over three times the amount required.

The trip back to the office was fraught with anxiety as the possibility of them arriving in her absence spun around and around in her head.

When she arrived at her desk she let out a half sigh as no one was in sight, but she stuck her head in Mr. Rutger’s office just to make sure. She let out the other half when the office was empty.

Just as she was about to turn around she felt Mr. Rutger’s hand on her ass and a shiver of pleasure ran up her spin and a moan escaped her lips, “Oh, good morning Mr. Rutger.” she managed to get out after her moan had subsided a bit.

“Good morning Shelly, is that my coffee?” he asked and she pushed her ass back in to his hand as he started to rub her ass.

“Oh… oh god… yes Sir.” she replied and he pushed her gently through his office door and towards his desk. She let him guide her until she stood beside his chair and he took his hand from her ass.

A frown crossed her lips, she loved it when he grabbed her ass and it was so disappointing when he finally let go.

He held out his hand and she quickly removed one of the cups from the paper tray and handed it to him.

“Just leave Chuck’s on my desk there…” he said, pointing to the far side of his desk by one of the two chairs that sat in front of it.

“Yes Sir.”

“And send Chuck right in when he arrives.”

“Of course Sir.”

Shelly typed away at her computer until the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she raised her head to see Mr. Freeman stepping out of the elevator. Her pussy instantly moistened and she bit her lower lip, god he was such a handsome man.

He was in his early fifties, overweight, balding, with a nose that was a little too big for his face and a smile that was just a bit too toothy. It made her want to strip down naked right then and there and beg him to fuck her over her desk!

He walked up to her desk and smiled, “Good morning Shelly, how are you today?”

“Over very good Mr. Freeman, especially now that you’re here!” she enthused and felt her nipples harden and poke out against the thin fabric of her top.

She was sure by his gaze that he’d noticed as well and it was all she could do to not pull her top up over her head and toss it to the side.

“That’s great Shelly, is Gary in his office?”

“Oh! Of course Mr. Freeman, please go right in!” she said and blushed, having been distracted from the real reason Mr. Freeman was here.

“And… and… I got you a coffee as well Mr. Freeman… I hope you like it.” she said meekly as he walked in to her bosses office and closed the door behind him.

She waited a few minutes, to make sure they wouldn’t need anything and then she picked up her tiny purse and walked quickly to the bathroom. She made sure no one else was there and the hiked up her skirt and pulled out the dildo from her purse and started to masturbate to thoughts of Mr. Freeman and her boss fucking her senseless.

“Chuck! How are you doing old man?” Gary said with a warm smile as he stood up and extended his hand over his desk.

“Very well my boy… very well indeed.” Chuck replied and took the proffered hand and shook it.

Chuck let out a chuckle, “I can imagine! I still don’t know how you did it, but Shelly, well, she’s a completely new woman. I was sure she was going to take your place and I was going to be fired. I mean she played every dirty trick in the book to get that promotion.”

“I’d never leave you hung out to dry like that, you should know better.”

“I know, I know… but the board…”

“The board, smoard. Do you know how many of them have mistresses that I’ve ‘worked on’ for them?”

Gary let out another laugh, “All of them?”

“Damn straight all of them. Those old fuckers are even hornier than you and I combined are.”

Gary shook his head, “I still don’t get why you retired… I mean you had a dozen beautiful women in the office at your beck and call, and I can only imagine how many more outside the office. And you what? Pick up everything and move out to the middle of nowhere? For what?”

Chuck smiled back at Gary, “Oh, don’t worry, I still have my fun. It’s just my priorities have changed a little, I have some… long term… projects I’m working on now.”

Gary raised an eyebrow, “Perhaps some day I’ll invite you out to the country to take a look.”

“I’d be honoured Chuck, honoured. So how long are you in the city for this time?”

“Just a couple of days, take care of some business, visit some old ‘friends’. I think I’ll drop by Shelly’s tonight for a visit. Anything you want changed while I’m in the city with her?”

“Fuck no! She’s perfect! Still as smart as a whip, takes care of most of my job without me even having to do anything, and *literally* bends over backwards to get me to fuck her, what more could I want?”

It was Chuck’s turn to laugh, “Well, yeah, it wasn’t like she wasn’t qualified for the promotion. But when she tried to sabotage your work, well that was going to far. I have no problem with honest competition, but cheating is a step too far.”

Gary nodded, “I know what you mean. But at least she’s completely loyal to me now, so that won’t be a problem in the future.”

“Well, loyal to the company first, too you second.” Chuck said with just a tinge of seriousness.

“Of course, of course. Company first.” Gary quickly backtracked as a smile returned to Chuck’s lips.

Gary knew he was playing a dangerous game here, yes Chuck had taken him under his wing at the company and cleared a path for him, but Chuck’s power wasn’t something to be toyed with and Gary knew that. The one thing that Chuck had always emphasized was that the company came first, and Gary had no intention of finding out what would happen if he ever betrayed the company or Chuck.

He’d already seen what had happened to Shelly when she let her personal ambition get in the way of the companies best interest and he knew he’d fare no better, even if Chuck considered him a friend.