“And as I count backwards you will go deeper and deeper, until when I reach the end you will be completely under… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.”

“Mmmmmm……” Tracy softly moaned as she felt herself drop further and further down until the was nothing below her, she was under everything.

“Tracy, can you hear me?” a voice from above asked.

“Yes… Master, I can hear you.”

“Good. Now, tell me what has happened since you were last under.”

“Yes Master. I quit my job at the firm, you were right, it was too hard for me.”

“Good, good girl. A simple girl like you needs a simple job.”

“Yes Master. I found a nice simple job working at the strip club, just like you suggested last time.”

“That’s good Tracy, a nice simple job where all that is important is how you look. That the perfect job for a horny simple girl like you.”

“Yes Master. I’ve been so horny that I’m watching porn every day and masturbating to it. Especially the porn with big titted blondes like you suggested.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“So horny Master! I… I… I gave a customer a blowjob in the VIP the other day because I couldn’t control myself any more.”

“And did he tip you?”

“Yes Master!”

“How did it feel to get paid to be a whore?”

“I… I… I’m not a whore Master…” she replied, her brow furrowing at the statement.

“You’re not?”

“No Master.”

“Hmmm… well you just told me you got paid to give a complete stranger a blowjob in a strip club. So if you’re whoring yourself out in the club, well, then you are a whore. Aren’t you?”

Her mind tried to find a whole in his logic, but it just spun around and around, until she was compelled to answer, “I… I… Yes Master, I’m a whore.”

It was like a great weight was lifted from her mind and her whole body shivered in relief as she let out a little coo.

“Good Tracy, good. Now that we’ve settled that, it’s time you really started selling your body to your regulars. Let them know that you’re available for anything they might want. But don’t undervalue your body either. You’re a fine piece of ass that they are going to have to pay for the pleasure of fucking it.”

“Yes Master.”

“And as always, just keep depositing the cash in the bank account I gave you.”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now as I could up from 1 to 10, you’ll start to rise up. When I get to 10…”

Tracy blinked several times as Jason stood in front of her, “Uh… what?” she asked, confusion still swirling around in her head.

“I said do you want a drink?”

“Oh! Ah, yeah, sure Jason. Got a vodka cooler or something?”

“I think so, hang on.” Jason replied and then walked in to the house.

Tracy leaned back and put a hand on her head, her mind was clearing, but she was horny as hell and Jason wasn’t making it any better. She’d dropped by her ex-boyfriends to take a dip in his pool, but she couldn’t really figure out why.

She had a pool at her condo, and she really didn’t like Jason, the breakup had been hard. But for some reason every few months she got an itch to visit him and the worst case of the hornies to boot.

Tracy spread her legs a bit and let her hand slip between them, making it’s way under her thong and finding her wet pussy waiting.

Maybe, just maybe, she’d let him fuck her again. After all he was being nice enough to let her use his pool, how could she refuse to let him use her body?

Jason stepped out of his house with a cooler in his hand and Tracy licked her lips seductively, spreading her legs farther apart and pulling her g-string to the side and started to masturbate in earnest.

She’d been watching a lot of porn lately and it was only making things worse, but maybe if she asked Jason nicely, he’d cum on her face. A lot of the big titted blondes in her porn video loved it so she was pretty sure she would too.