Miranda sat on the bed, silent, still, unable to move. Things had gone horribly wrong somehow, yet she didn’t understand how.

The Nanosuit had always worked so well in the past, sure it was getting a little old and the company had sent out a recall on some of them, but she hadn’t paid much attention to that.

If her eyes had been open, she was sure she would have been able to see the control unit sitting on the pillow in front of her, but as it was, all she could do was wait for her boyfriend Henry to get home from work. The problem was that he’d only left for work a hour ago, and that meant he’d be at least another nine hours before he returned.

She let out a slight sigh, one of the few things she could do, as she listened to the muffled sounds of the neighbourhood coming in through their bedroom window.

Then a sharp beep came from what, she had to assume, was the control unit in front of her. It was followed a few moments later by a tight constriction of her waist as the nanosuit shifted and reduced her waist line until she could hardly breath.

From the outside, her panic was invisible, but inside her own head she was screaming at the top of her lungs for help. So much so that a few minutes later she almost missed the sound of the second beep.

This time in wasn’t a constriction, but an expansion she felt as her breasts ballooned out in front of her. So much so that it was hard to maintain her balance, but the nanosuit somehow managed it.

Over the next little while several more beeps sounded at random intervals and the nanosuit continued to alter her body. Her lips puffed out, her ass grew rounder, her nipples hardened and distended, her pussy grew more sensitive.

She could only surmise that random options were being selected somehow, some kind of bug or something and she hoped that it would stay on the current screen.

Her hope was dashed when she heard the familiar sound of the “completion” chime come from the control unit and she new the physical changes had been saved and the next screen, the mental changes, had been displayed.

Henry walked in to the house and tossed his keys on the table by the door, “I’m home.” he called out to the silence he’d walked in to, but his announcement was met with cries of passion coming from upstairs.

He smiled and walked up to the bedroom to see Miranda laying on the bed, encased in the nanosuit, withering in pleasure as one hand was between her legs and the other was squeezing and slapping her gigantic tits.

He raised an eyebrow, it wasn’t like Miranda to go for that kind of thing with the nanosuit, and she hadn’t even recognized he was in the room.

“Miranda, you ok?” he asked.

By the only response was the continued moaning and cries of pleasure.

“Miranda!” he said as he walked over to the bed and noticed the control unit on the pillow. He picked it up and gasped when he saw the run time in the upper right corner, 8 hours 43 minutes.

He quickly hit the cancel program button and Miranda’s body collapsed in to stillness as her breathing was laboured. He quickly looked through the options that she had selected, the physical ones being obvious, but the mental ones being lest so.

Titty trama, orgasm blocking, masturbation mayhem, cock in/mind off, and more.

“Miranda, are you ok? Speak to me!” he said, moving over to her, her body now returned to its normal dimensions. He placed his hand under her head and titled it upright as her eyes finally focused on him.

Her lips parted and he could see the hunger in her eyes, “Fuck me Henry… slap my tits… fuck me and make me cum… I’ll do anything you want if you do.. I’ll be anything you want… your big titted slut… your horny fuck toy… your obedient slave… anything… just make me cum!”

Henry knew he should call 911, get Miranda some kind of help, but between the need in her eyes and the hardness of his cock, he couldn’t do anything but pull his pants down and give her exactly what she wanted.