‘Fuck she looked good!’ May thought to herself as she pulled up her sweater as she leaned up against the desk.

‘Why hadn’t she been going to the gym all along?’ She shook her head and then pulled her sweater up over her head, letting her breasts hang free from her hands as she tossed it on to the top of the desk. She then pushed off from the desk and pulling down her pants and placed them with the sweater behind her. Her thong followed suit.

It was so strange be standing there, naked except her heels, her tight body defining more of who she was now than her brain ever had. A smile crossed her lips just as Dave walked in the room and her nipples hardened.

They had just arrived at her apartment from their “date” and the first thing she needed to do when she got inside was to strip naked so that her worth was visible to him.

“Damn May, you’re looking great!” He said with a smile and she beamed back at him.

“Thank you Master, I’m glad my body pleases you.” she replied, blushing as she walked over towards him.

When she arrived he reached out and took hold of one of her hard nipples and gave it a little twist, she moaned in response, “Oh it does May, it does. How are the other changes coming along?” he asked.

“Oh very well Master. I have cut contact with my parents and brother completely now. My ex-boyfriend has also moved on and hasn’t tried to contact me in over a week. I’ve also submitted my letter to the university on my intent not to return next semester.”

“Good, good. And your job and apartment?”

“My lease expires at the end of the month Master, and as you can see I’ve already been disposing of the contents…” May said, gesturing to the empty shelves of the desk behind her, “Likewise I have turned in my notice at work for the same time.”

“Good, that schedule works out perfectly.” he replied, flipping through the calendar on his phone, “I’ll send you the details of where to go once you leave the apartment in the next couple of days. Remember, take nothing that you can’t fit in that one piece of carry on luggage you showed me last time.”

“Yes Master.”

She had already planned out everything that would go in it, it was all she could think about since he’d left last time. Well, that and all the other things he’d told her to do of course.

It was hard to think about a time that Dave hadn’t been her “Master”, but she still could if she put her mind to it. It was a sad time in her life, when she still thought of herself as a person that had hopes and dreams of her own. That was silly of course, Master had shown her how much better it was to live for someone else hopes and dreams, and in particular his.

It had started out innocently when she’d met him online in a chat room, they’d talked for a bit over a few weeks before they met in person. At first she had thought she wouldn’t see him again, but over the next couple of days that had changed, and she’d called him for a second “date” even though she was still seeing someone else.

Things moved quickly after that, with him becoming more and more important to her life until he’d finally just started giving her instructions and one day she’d just called him Master.

She knew that at the end of the month she would be getting on a plane and flying away to somewhere she would never see any of her family or friends again. In fact, she would never see him again either in all likely hood, but he’d already told her that he’d arrange for a new Master to meet her when she landed and that made her happy too.

“Have you been watching those videos I sent?”

“Oh yes Master!” she replied.

“Show me.” he commanded.

May smiled and dropped down to her knees, her fingers working at his pants until they dropped to the floor and she slowly wrapped her lips around his hardening shaft. She titled her head back and looked up at him, making sure to key eye contact as much as she could, slowly moving up and down his shaft as she softly moaned.

She tried to mimic the girls in the videos as best she could, how they looked up at the men with adoration, how they moaned, how they stroked the men’s shafts and balls.

Dave looked down at May as she popped off the end of his dick and flicked her tongue at his tip before smiling up at him and then slipping him between her lips once more.

He smiled, but it was tinged with a bit of sorrow as he’d only have her for another couple of weeks, and she had turned out better than he expected. He knew she would as soon as he’d seen her in person on their first date, the same date in which he’d slipped his software on to her phone with a practiced slight of hand move.

After that, the rest was just a matter of time as the software bombarded her with subliminal messages every time she looked at the phone.

“Fuck May, I’m going to miss this…” he said as he reached down and took hold of her head and held it in place as he took control and started to fuck her face in earnest.

It didn’t take long for him to unload in her throat and he watched her eyes roll back in her head as her own orgasm came over her.

He let out a sigh and shook his head, it was going to be difficult to figure out where to send her; Sean on the west coast needed strippers, Thomas down south was desperate for escorts, and Stu in the north west had several high profile billionaires looking for trophy wives.

In the end it would have to come down to which one of them would make him the best deal for her. He was in a similar boat, with his north east area requiring strippers, hooker and trophy wives.