Tina wasn’t so sure about this now, sure it wasn’t that strange really, but still… it just felt wrong for some reason. She turned her head and looked up at Ian about to say something when a tiny shiver ran through her as her eyes met his and suddenly she lost her voice.

It wasn’t like Ian hadn’t done things for her in the bedroom before, they had a healthy sex life after all, but when he’d suggest a bit of what he called “petplay” she’d been skeptical. None the less she’d dug up an old pair of car ears she’d used one Halloween and found a tight black body stocking and it had turned out better than she’d thought.

She’d meowed for a bit, purred for a bit, he’d petted her for a bit, then he’d lined up behind her as she was on all fours and fucked her silly. She had to admit the orgasm that came over her had been powerful, and there was something about it that excited her to some degree.

The strangest part of it though was that they’d only been dating a few weeks when he’d brought it up and normally she wouldn’t even have put out until the third month. But just like now though, whenever she was about to say no, she’d look in to his eyes and find herself either saying nothing at all or even worse, yes.

It was just like today when he’d brought over the new “cat” outfit for her. Sure, over the last few weeks she’d been getting more and more elaborate outfits for Ian’s visits, but this one was way over the top in comparison to the ones she’d been ordering online!

But, just like now, when he’d asked her to put it on, she’d been unable to say no and here she was.

“There there Fluffy…” Ian said as he reached down and petted her head.

Her eyes closed as a purr escaped her lips, it was only a few minutes later that she was leaning forward on her hands and her lips were wrapped around his shaft and she could feel a massive orgasm growing within her.

Tina was crouching on the footstool trying to keep her breathing steady, which was hard with how tight the corset around her waist was, but Ian had insisted on tightening it himself and, as usual, she’d been unable to say no.

He’d brought the corset, and the new cat suit over almost a week ago and she’d spent nearly every free minute she had in it. She’d even worn it during working hours and taken several meetings in it without turning on her webcam. The thrill that had run down her spine during those meetings was amazing.

“Awe does Fluffy want some attention?” Ian said as he walked up to her and rubbed behind her ear and then down along her spine, “Meeeooowwww… purrrrrrrr…”

His hand reached her ass and he rubbed it several times before coming back to her ears and repeating the whole thing several more times.

It was times like this that she wished that “no” never entered her mind again when it came to Ian’s requests. Her pussy was dripping wet, her nipples almost painfully hard, as both had been since she’d put on the cat suit soon after Ian had arrived. She’d been crawling around her own apartment like Ian’s pet, and it was driving her mad with need.

Fortunately Ian seemed to be done playing with her as when his hand reached her ass once more it stayed there as he walked around behind her and pushed her legs apart. His fingers tugged on the zipper that ran from her ass to her pussy and it exposed her need to him.

“Oh my, it looks like you’re in heat Fluffy…” he said just before sliding his dick into her and she let out a yowl of pure carnal need.

Fluffy cocked her head to the side and looked at her owner, “Meow?”

He chuckled and slapped his knees, indicating for her to get up on it, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to, she was still kinda mad at him.

She’d been a good kitty for him and he’d sent her off to get neutered, she looked down at the swelling in her chest from the procedure and pouted a bit.

“Oh come on Fluffy, don’t be like that. You know it was for your own good. If you come over here and get on my lap I’ll give you a treat…”

Fluffy’s ears perked up, “Meow!” she replied as she got down on to all fours and walked over between his legs and snugged up to him, his house coat parting easily as she did. Her lips pushed up against the tip of his cock a she let out a purr as she took her treat in to her mouth and started sucking on it.

When it was good and hard, she popped off the top of it and pushed it between the swelling in her chest and pumped it up and down until her treat gave up it’s tasty prize and she eagerly licked up every single drop of it.