‘Fuck it felt good to get her top off!’ Jen thought as her hand slipped down her latex clad torso to the button on her jeans. It wasn’t long before those were on the floor as well as she was standing in the kitchen, her latex body suit fully exposed and her fingers between her legs.

If she was honest with herself, it was becoming something of an addiction, the feel of latex on her skin. When her husband, Terry, had first suggested they add it to their bedroom routine, she’d inwardly rolled her eyes, but managed a smile outwardly. She wasn’t a prude or anything, but latex had never really interested her and Terry was kinda… tame… really so it had been a little surprising.

None the less, she’d ordered a set of black latex panties and a bra and had to admit that it felt kinda nice. In fact, that set had been the first one she’d worn under her day to day clothing just a few weeks ago, but was only one of dozens of outfits she now had.

“There’s my sexy latex lady… masturbating in the kitchen like a good little slut.” Terry’s voice said as her eyes popped open and she realized her fingers had slipped between her legs at some point.

“Terry… I…” she started to say but he just walked up to her and slipped his hand behind her head, titled her head back and kissed her deeply.

She moaned deeply as his other hand ran down her latex covered back to find her ass and then squeeze it. Her fingers moved on their own to his belt and pants, and by the time he broke this kiss she knelt down and pulled his pants to the floor. Her lips quickly wrapped around his manhood and she sucked him in to her mouth as her own hands reached around and grabbed her own ass.

She rocked back and forth, taking him in deep with each motion as her pussy moistened.

“Fuck Jen, you’re getting good at that. You’re going to be a full blown latex sex doll in no time.”

Jen’s pussy twitched as her stomach did back flips and her mind swirled in pleasure at the words. An image of herself, completely covered in red latex, not even holes for her eyes or nose filled her mind. Three cutouts were all that there were, one of her mouth, one for her pussy, and one for her ass.

A small orgasm came over her as the image filled her mind and she instinctively sped up her rocking, until she could task Terry’s cum and she swallowed every last drop he could give her.

Terry smiled and walked out of the kitchen, his wife laying on the floor, her body still twitching slightly from the orgasms she’d had when he’d cum in her mouth.

He walked down the hall to the ‘office’ that they shared, and that Jen used almost eight hours a day as she worked from home. He logged on to the computer with the admin credentials and quickly checked the status of the subliminal signal generator he’d installed on it months ago. All of the pre-existing messages had played for their required time, but the two new commands he’d put in had only played enough to complete 20% of their run.

That was ok, it would only be a week or two before they caught up with the others. ‘You desire to be a nameless and faceless latex sex doll’ and ‘All three of your holes bring you great sexual pleasure’ had been late additions and would only increase his pleasure, but they were by no means the last ones he’d be adding.