“Hey Lindsay, have good session out there!” Todd said as he walked up to Lindsay as she came out of the crew trailer with her helmet under her arm.

Lindsay smiled, “Thanks Todd! I will.” she replied and then the two of them passed each other and Lindsay’s smile faded from her lips and she rolled her eyes.

Todd was an ass, but he was the team manager of the only team that had given her a shot in professional motorsport, so she had to put up with him. At least until she got her contract signed that is.

Then, well, then her driving would do the talking and once she’d won a race or two she could put the screws to him or move to another, better team. She walked over to the pit and made a bit of small talk with the crew before climbing in to the open cockpit of the car and waited for the crew to give her the thumbs up.

It took them a few minutes to do so, and while she waited she was impressed with the new display system inside of the helmet. All of her vital stats were directly projected on to the inside of the visor. Though it was new tech that many of the teams had at the top levels of racing now, as with just about everything with Todd’s team, it seemed to have some problems.

Every few seconds it flickered and by the time she got the thumbs up to start the car and pull out of the pit, her frown was already deep and she could feel a slight headache coming on.

“Oh, hi, yeah of course!” Lindsay said as she turned to the man standing beside her asking for the autograph, though his eyes were clearly on her cleavage, she didn’t mind as he handed her the photo he had with him and she set her pencil down to get her signing marker from her bag.

The photo was of her in a bikini, leaning on her race car, with the words “Driving all the men crazy!” written above it.

She quickly signed her name with a little heart at the end and handed it back to him, “Here you go! Hope you keep watching me race.”

He nodded and stumbled off and she turned back to the manual in front of her, it was for her race car and she was having more and more trouble remembering what everything did.

Not that she’d been in the car for months, her PR schedule was crazy!

It was alright though, she still got to train on the simulator that Todd had given her, it even included a connection to her helmet. Her pussy quivered a little at the thought of Todd, and she wondered how much longer it would be before he’d fuck her.

Didn’t she dress slutty enough for him? Didn’t she agree with everything he said? Didn’t she do anything he suggested? Didn’t she drop enough hints?

She pouted as her shoulders slumped and she looked down at the book in front of her. Maybe it was that she was spending too much time with her nose stuck in boring books?

She closed the book and took in a deep breath and suddenly everything felt better as she pushed the books away from her. She let out a little giggle as an image flashed through her mind and she knew exactly what she had to do.

Lindsay sat on the couch in Todd’s front room as the two men who sat at the table discussed important things. Things that went well over Lindsay’s head, but that didn’t bother her at all.

As the new “mascot”, as Todd called her, for the team she was just happy that she was being useful. Well, at least Todd had told her she was being useful and that was good enough for her.

Just like he told her she was being useful when she smiled and waved at the side of the pit lane, or when fawned over the fans and took photos with them, or when she sucked his cock, or he fucked her pussy.

She let the boys race those silly cars around and around in a circle, she had better things to do.

Lindsay perked up and smiled as the two men stood up and shook hands. Then they walked over to her and she stood up and put her hands behind her back, swiveling from side to side a little as she pushed her chest out.

“Like, all done boys? giggle

“Almost Lindsay, just one last thing to take care or.” Todd replied and the other man had a hungry look in his eyes as he stared at Lindsay’s chest.

“You see Mr. Daniels here has just agreed to become the majority owner of the team.”

“Oh my god, that’s so amazing! giggle” Lindsay replied and jumped up and down in excitement.

“It is, it is. And as the team mascot, I’m sure you want to welcome your new owner properly don’t you?”

Lindsay’s eyes went wide as her lips parted and she nodded her head.

“Good. Mr. Daniels has some business for the next week in the city and he’d like you to accompany him, so he can show off his new acquisition to his friends. Can you do that for me Lindsay?”

“OH MY GOD YES! Of course! giggle” Lindsay replied and then stepped over to Mr. Daniels and looped her arm through his and guided him towards the bedroom.

“Like, let me show you exactly what you’ve bought.”

Todd smiled as he watched Lindsay wiggle her ass towards the bedroom and shook his head. When Mr. Daniels had come to him with the plan he’d almost called the cops, but after some digging around he found the man was absolutely serious, and had the money and resource to follow through.

He wasn’t proud of what he’d done, Lindsay might have been a pain in the ass for all the teams in the league, pestering them and threating lawsuits for discrimination, but that wasn’t that bad really.

He could live with that, but loosing his team was another matter. Years of dwindling sponsorship had left him on the edge of bankruptcy and the money Mr. Daniels was offering would set him up for another ten years.

In the end he was a peace with his decision though, there were still questions he had that he knew he’d never have answers to, like exactly how the software he’d installed in Lindsay’s helmet display worked, but he was resigned to those.

The only question that still bugged him was the ten year investment. Was it just good business strategy or was it something else. Like the fact that in then years Mr. Daniels would be looking to replace Lindsay with a newer model and Todd would once again be looking for money?

He let out a sigh as he heard Lindsay’s voice come from his bedroom, the squeal he’d heard many times as she pulled his dick from his pants and decided to head out to the team garage for a while. Maybe working on the cars would take his mind off of… well… the future.