What was she doing! Why was she just standing there? Her breasts were exposed to everyone on the beach!

As hard as she could she tried to rise up her hand to cover herself but it refused to move beyond her bellybutton.

A moment later she turned around, slipped her fingers under the straps of her bikini bottom, bent over at the waist and pulled them down to the sand she stood barefoot on.

She couldn’t understand what was going on, it made no sense, and yet there she was, bent over and wiggling her ass gently.

The worst part of it was that her nipples were rock hard and her pussy had started to moisten as soon as her bra had hit the beach.

With a sense of relief she finally was able to stand upright, but to her horror instead of picking up her bikini, she started to walk away from them.

It wasn’t long before he feet took her to her destination and she stood in front of a man spread out on a towel under an umbrella.

“What… what’s going on?”

In response he simply held his finger up to his lips and shushed her. Her mouth clapped shut and then she felt a strang buzz starting to grow in the back of her mind.

Cindy blinked behind her dark glasses several times and then looked down at her Master and smiled.

Without saying a word she stepped between his legs and lowered herself on to her knees and then removed the towel from his midsection to reveal his erection.

Her lips parted as she leaned forward and took him between her lips and gently started sucking him off.

Cindy was so happy that Master had chosen her out of all the girls on the beach, it meant that he saw value in her beauty, and use in her body.

She managed to get all the way down his shaft and hold there for a moment before continuing, she wasn’t that experienced giving blowjobs, but she hoped she would be adequate.

Maybe, if she was, he’d take her with him. The thought made her pussy dripping wet and after a few minutes she popped off of his dick and she moved forward until she was straddling him. Taking him in to her hand, she guided him inside of her as she lowered herself down.

She wiggled her hips and grabbed her tits as she rode him, eventually leaning forward and presenting her tits to him in case he wanted to suck on them. He did and she “twerked” he ass as he did to continue fucking him.

Eventually he grabbed her ass and started to slam her in and out at his own pace as he sucked on her tits. It wasn’t much longer until he slammed her down on to him one last time and bit her nipple hard as he came inside of her.

Her orgasm rocked her body, but she remained silent as she twitched and spasmed with his cock buried deep in her pussy. Then, when he was spent, she collapsed on top of him, desperately trying to keep his deflating cock inside of her.

When it finally slipped out and he rolled her off of him, she let out the first sound she had since he had become her Master, a small whimper.

Knowing this could well be the only time he fucked her, she shuffled around until she could take his cock between her lips once more and made sure she received every last drop of his cum.