“Oh, hello Sir.” Carol said as she turned towards the man who walked in to the room.

“Please Carol… don’t do this…” the latex encased woman strapped down to the table pleaded as she looked up at Carol.

Carol turned and looked down at her, frowning, “Quite slut, no one was talking to you.” she replied and then reached up and grabed the mast with the hose attached to it and pulled it down and covered the womans mouth.

“No… no…. n…” the woman pleaded as her eyes fluttered and eventually shut.

“How is she coming along? Did you have any problems subduing her?” the man asked.

“She’s… willful still, but she’s coming along well Sir. No, she never suspected her friend would betray her and the device you gave me knocked her out for over an hour. By that time I had encased her in the special suit you provided me and she’s now as weak as a kitten Sir.”

“Good, good. Why don’t you go take a break and I’ll watch her for a while.”

“Thank you Sir.” Carol replied and then walked past him and out of the room.

Matt watched Violette Defender, aka Carol Hutchinson, walk out of the room. More specifically he watched her ass sway from side to side as she did and he smiled as she turned the corner and disappeared.

He’d managed to capture her almost a month ago and break her, but she wasn’t the real prize, she was just a B level hero. He turned and looked down at the woman on the table as her chest slowly rose and fell.

Duchess Force on the other hand, was an top tier hero and had a huge price on her head. Fortunately he’d developed several techniques and technologies to bring her down to his level and with Carol’s help, she’d break as well… eventually.

“Please Carol… I can’t take any more…” Donna said as she looked pleadingly over at her one time friend. Carol looked different now, no longer having to be the “old” her, she’d let herself become the woman Matt had made her.

For her part carol wasn’t looking at Donna though, she had the heavy chain that was slung around Donna’s neck draped over her shoulder as she looked over to Matt who was sitting and watching the two of them.

“Well Sir, should I stop?” Carol asked of Matt as a wicked grin cross her lips.

“Well Donna has been very… compliant today, perhaps she deserves a break. I’ll tell you what Donna, all you have to do is tell Mistress Carol how much you enjoy being her slave, and I’ll let you have a break for a while.”

Donna’s body shivered slightly as her name filled the room, it had only taken a few days of the continuous drugging, physical stress, and mental assaults for her to give them her secret identity. Not that he really needed her to say it, Carol knew it and she was sure Carol had told him. Instead it was the act of telling him that he was interested in, not the information itself.

It had been a week since Carol had betrayed her, and she knew there was little time left for her. Her lips quivered and she looked over at Carol once more. Her body ached, she had pain all over, she was exhausted, and then her lips began to move.

“Puh… Please… Please Mistress Carol, I… I love being… your slave.”

As soon as the words left her lips she bit her lower lip, her eyes closed, and she let out a moan as a small orgasm crested.

“Yes Mistress Carol…” Donna said as she leaned over and stuck her tongue out just before it came in contact with her Mistress’s ass.

“Mmmm… yeah, that’s good slave, lick that ass good.” Mistress Carol said as Donn’s hands moved between her own legs and started to stroke her pussy.

“Hasn’t she become such a great ass licker Sir?” Mistress Carol said to Matt as he sat across from them.

“She has, you’ve trained her well this past week.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m so pleased you approve. Fuck…” Mistress Carol said has she flipped the chain between her hands over Donna’s head and then pulled Donna’s head tightly against her ass.

Donna pushed her tongue out harder and picked up the pace of her own masturbation. She didn’t orgasm though, not until Mistress Carol turned around so Donna could lick her pussy and bring Carol to orgasm first.

“As you can see, they come as a set.” Matt said to the man standing beside him as Mistress Carol sat above Donna holding her chain. Sitting between her Mistress’s legs, Donna was desperate to turn around and lick her pussy, but Mistress had instructed her to stay where she was.

“And they’re both fully broken?”

“Of course. Violette Defender is the Dom, but only to Duchess Force. She’ll eagerly obey any Master I instruct her too. Isn’t that right Carol?”

“Oh yes Sir. It will be my pleasure to serve anyone you wish me to.”

The man nodded and turned back to Matt, “And the full latex outfit for Duchess Force?”

“Oh it’s not Latex, at least not entirely. It depowers her, but of course is no longer required really. She just ‘likes’ to wear it now, part of the process of breaking her.”

“So if I wanted to use them as a super powered body guards as well, that wouldn’t be an issue?”

“Not at all, both would defend you with their lives.”

The man nodded again and then pulled his phone from his pocket and unlocked it, “Good, so where do I transfer the funds to?”

Matt smiled, “Come with me, we can get all the details worked out in my office.” Matt replied and placed his hand on the mans shoulder as they walked out of the room and out of sight.

Donna felt Mistress Carol’s hand on her face as she turned Donna’s head around and tilted it back a bit so she was looking up in to her Mistress’s face.

“Very good slave…” Mistress Carol said as she stroked her head, “As a reward you may lick my pussy now.”

Donna dove face first between Mistress Carol’s legs and was pleased that she had done well. That Mistress Carol was happy. That Donna would get to pleasure her Mistress again and hopefuly forever.