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“Hello Sir and welcome to the resort.” the blonde said as the mist from her voice rose from her lips.

“Thank you.” I replied, my eyes firmly fixed on the expanse of cleavage the woman had on display despite the bitter cold.

“My name is Irina, but of course you may address me any way you wish. I have been assigned as your personal guide and am completely at your disposal 24×7 during your stay.”

“Thank you Irina, I’m sure I’ll take full advantage of you.” I replied with a smirk. We both knew exactly what was being offered, and that she meant it exactly as I had taken it.

I shivered slightly and pulled my coat around me tightly, the resort might be a one of a kind facility, but it was too bad that it was located so deep in the north or Russia. Though that was all that surprising really, the government her was easy to pay to look the other way, and there was a lot of home grown talent to call on as needed.

“Please Sir, come this way. I apologize for the cold, let us get you inside and settled in.”

“Speaking of being settled in, is my wife here?”

“Oh, yes Sir. Laura arrived three days ago and is well under way. Would you like to see her before I show you your room?” Irina said as she walked to the door and held it open for me.

“No, she can wait, I’m sure she’s in good hands.” I said with a chuckle as the door closed behind me and Irina stepped in front of me again.

The resort wasn’t just some high end spa and retreat, it was a full remodeling service. In my case, my wife was undergoing a remodel from the bitchy, cheating, whore that she had become in the five years that we’d been married. To the dutiful, submissive, sex kitten that I wanted.

Irina guided me through the main lobby and right to my private suite and as soon as the door closed behind us, I twirled her around and grabbed hold of her top and popped her tits out from it.

A wry smiled crossed her lips, “Please Sir, use my tits any way you wish.”

I grabbed hold of the sides of them and pushed them together, then leaned down and sucked on one of her errect nipples. She moaned in response and titled her head back a little.

“Oh Sir, that feels so good! Squeeze those tits! Suck on that nipple!”

A few minutes later I released her nipple from my lips and let go of her tits, only to spin her around and push her towards the bed.

It was only a few minutes later that she was naked, down on all fours, her ass in the air, my cock buried deep inside of her, and her passionate moans filling the room along with her voice begging for more.