Camey looked down at the readout and started to peddle harder again, it would never due to fall below Master’s expectations. And Master’s expectations were very high.

The timer said she still had twenty minutes on the stationary bike and she knew her next station was the squats machine, followed by several more exercises designed to strength her back even more.

Her tits were new, her lips were plump, her waist was tiny and you could bounce quarters off of her ass, but none of them met Master’s expect ions, at least not yet.

She had always taken care of her body, eat well, exercised and presented herself well, but the last three months since she’d met Master had shown her how wrong she had been. Her ass was flabby, her lips were thin, her tits were small and she couldn’t even see her abs!

But the hardest part of all had been the week after her surgery, the Doctor making it clear that she was to rest for an entire week… no workouts what so ever. It had been torture, but Master had told her to follow the Doctor’s orders to the letter and so she had. She often spent hours just sitting in the gym, desperate to work out, but not doing so.

It was almost as torturous as the wait until she could go back to the Doctor and get her next set of implants, but he’d told her to wait six months before returning to him and so she followed that order as well. She still had 127 days, 13 hours and… 43 minutes until her next surgery and she could feel the butterflies in her tummy just thinking about it.

The time seemed to drag on forever, but eventually the machine beeped and Camey slowed her pace and let the peddles slowly come to a stop before she stepped off the bike, picked up her gym purse, and walked towards the next machine. Before she got on to the machine, she fished her phone from her purse and checked her messages.

A shiver ran down her spine as she saw the text from Master, “How’s my horny little sex doll coming along?”

After the shiver passed she quickly tapped out the reply, “Waist is down another inch and my ass is up two. Please Master, come use me, your sex doll is so horny!”

It was true, she was horny, all the time. She could hardly contain herself, only Master’s orders to not masturbate stopped her fingers from being in her pussy every moment they could be. Of course that didn’t stop the other kind of workout that she was doing after the gym.

Master had been very clear that she wasn’t to masturbate, but he hadn’t said anything about not practicing how to fuck and suck with the biggest dildo she could stuff inside of her. She spent hours each day, reaming her holes with the dildos, her voice filling her bedroom with degrading and disgusting words that only made her hornier.

She was pretty sure it only made it worse, being so close but never crossing the line. But it was impossible to stop, it just felt too damn good.

Her phone binged with his reply, “Soon, but not yet. Still playing with my last doll, just remember you’re only going to get a chance to make a first impression.”

Another shiver ran down her spine and she knew it was true. He’d told her right after he’d taken her mind and just before he’d left. He determined how long he kept his dolls around by how good they were to play with the first time.

She quickly put her phone away and got onto the machine and programmed in the time. Her finger hovered over the start button, quivered, and then hit the cancel button instead. She added another ten minutes to the time and then hit start.

She couldn’t do anything about the 127 days, 13 hours and… 19 minutes she had until her next surgery, but she could do everything she could to make sure the rest of her body surpassed even Master’s expectations.