Jenn looked up innocently at Jason as she squeezed her tits together slightly with her arms and wondered if he liked what he saw.

A few months ago it would have been the last thing on her mind, but then again she wouldn’t have been wearing such a revealing dress, nor would her tits have been so big.

In fact, back then, she would never have agreed to the meeting with her opposing counsel at his house in the first place. Technically she hadn’t now either, after all she’d been fired from her firm several weeks ago when she’d been caught giving a blowjob to one of the senior partners. He was still a senior partner of course, but Jenn had been fired on the spot.

“Hello Jenn.” Jason said and extended his hand, which she took daintily.

“Hiya Jay! giggle” she replied and blushed and then lowered her eyes and head as a tingle ran up her arm and right in to the base of her skull.

“I hear you’re looking for work?” Jason said as he sat down across from her in his living room. The maid, a busty blonde in a tight little black outfit had shown Jenn in a few minutes ago.

She nodded her head in response.

“Well, I’m always on the lookout for talented staff. Why don’t you describe some of your skills?” he said with a smile.

She’d fought him in dozens of cases over the last year or two, and he knew her skill in the court room, but he wasn’t talking about that and she knew it.

“Well, like, guys tell me I give a killer blowjob! And…” she said, pushing her chest out and jiggling her tits, “…everyone says my big fake tits are just great to fuck! giggle And, like, oh my god, guys say my pussy is almost as tight as my ass!”

Jason gave a wry smile, “I’m sure they do Jenn, I’m sure they do. Well, those are some impressive skills, but I’m sure you will understand if I don’t just take your word for it…”

She giggled as she slipped from the chair on to her knees and crawled over between his legs, eagerly working his zipper, “Like, of course not Jay! I’ll totally prove it to you! giggle

She wrapped her lips around his cock as soon as she freed it from his pants and she was in heaven. The pleasure coursing through her lips and mouth making her pussy moist, as she bobbed up and down his shaft.

She knew she needed her lips done, they were thin and it made it harder to give a really good blowjob, but she made up for the lack of plumpness with her eagerness.

Jenn moaned loudly as she slipped all the way down on to Jason’s cock; half because of the pleasure, half because she knew it would soon be between her tits. Then in her pussy and maybe if she was lucky in her ass as well.

Jenn had him this time for sure!

That bastard Jason Monroe wasn’t going to beat her in court yet again… even if that meant she had to “bend” the rules a little bit. Ok, a lot. Fine, break them outright!

She looked at the flash drive and smiled, she’d managed to pay off one of the interns at Jason’s office to copy all of his files on the current case and she was sure she’d find something she could use against him in court.

She plugged the drive in to her laptop and opened it up, her screen flashed briefly, but the files came up and she opened the first of many that she would review over the coming weeks.

It was hours later that she managed to drag herself away from the files, not noticing the wetness between her legs due to the pounding headache she had acquired.