It was hard to move, in all honesty she could only just lift her arm up by an inch or so before it “naturally” fell back in to place. It felt so strange to have so little control over her own body, but it had been months since she signed the contract and there were many more left before it expired.

At first, the programming had been simple. Additional workouts at the gym, more time applying makeup and styling her hair, small things to get her ready for bigger ones later.

Then, after her time a the gym, she had started to find herself staying in one position for longer and longer, until she hardly moved other than for the necessities of life.

It was after that first month that she had gone to work for the first time, dressed in a tight little outfit similar to the one she wore now. These last few months had been pretty much the same; arrive at work, sit at the front of the club and attend to customers when they came up to her.

Her eyes flashed opened at the sound of footsteps and she looked up at a customer, “Hello, how may I serve you?” she asked in a choppy voice as her arms moved mechanically up and down.

It was ridiculous of course, being paid this much to let them program her as a “robotic” server, but she wasn’t going to turn down the money if they wanted to pay her. It was only for a year, and at the end of it she would have enough left over to open her own restaurant, a dream she’d had since she was little.

“What’s your current programming level?” the customer asked.

Her lips formed a smile as she replied, “I am at level 3, Sir.”

He frowned a little and then shook his head, “Too bad, well, maybe next time.”

“Of course Sir, thank you Sir.” she said as he walked away and she returned to her resting position.

It had been a pretty common question lately, and she wasn’t sure what it meant, or why the customers all walked away disappointed, but she wondered if it had anything to do with the dreams she’d been having lately.

She’d never thought she was in to the whole “Sex Robot” thing, but these last few weeks had made her think that maybe she was. The number of erotic dreams she’d been having where she was laid out on her bed, being fucked by random men, her robotic voice crying out with each thrust they made, were starting to make her question her views on it.

Well the dreams and the orgasms that came with them.

She would have let out a sigh of delight at that though if the programming would of let her, but instead she just sat quietly, waiting for the next customer and wonder when she might advance to level 4.