Mary smiled at the man on the bench across from her and gave her tits a little jiggle, the two metal bars through her nipples rubbing against the thin fabric of her top.

The bars were more advertising than anything else, her nipples, like the rest of her tits, were more than sensitive enough to get her off with ease. She was after all a full blown titty slut, she just liked the world to know it too.

She hadn’t always been one, she could still remember a time when her career and schooling were the most important things in her life. Just like she could remember not particularly liking men playing with her tits during sex, and abhorred anyone even thinking of sucking on her nipples!

But that was all before she’d met Jake. Jake was the office troublemaker, always playing practical jokes, and distracting the staff from their jobs, but always seeming to get away with it no matter what. For some reason he seemed to have the ear of the owner and no how much she complained about him, the owner just waved it away with a simple, “Lighten up Mary, that’s the way Jake is.”

She’d finally caught him going too far one day when he’d actually smacked the ass of one of the secretaries and she’d gone straight to the owner, even though the secretary had told her it was fine.

An hour later, the owner, Jake, and her were in a meeting to discuss it and that’s when Jake had made her the titty slut she was today. She had no idea how he’d done it, moments after she’d sat down she’d felt a pressure just behind her eyes and then… then she’d been tugging at her shirt, then her bra, until she sat naked from the waist up before the two men.

Before she knew it, she was apologizing for cover her tits up, for how small they were, how she was failing to be the biggest titty slut she could be. Then she turned to Jake and asked him if he wanted to suck on her nipples… or slap her tits… or, because they were so small, if he wanted her to jack him off so he could cum all over her tits.

She could still remember the powerful orgasm she’d had after he’d let her give him a blowjob and then a handjob and then the first drops of his cum hit her tits.

It was almost as powerful as the first time she’d been able to have Jake fuck her tits properly after her first, but certainly not only, boob job.

A little chill ran down her spine and wiggled it’s way into her pussy as she stood up from the bench and walked over and sat beside the man, his eyes never leaving her tits, making her pussy buzz even more.

She placed a hand on his knees and smiled at him even more warmly, “Hello there, I’m Mary, and I just couldn’t help but notice you looking at my tits and wanted to come over and thank you.”

“Thank… thank me?” the man stuttered out as she let her hand slip between his legs and started to slowly make it’s way up to he crotch.

“Oh yes, I love having men stare at my tits, it just turns me on so much.” she said, as her hand reached his hardening cock she leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“Almost as much as having a big… hard… fat… cock sliding between them.” she whispered as she gently stroked his earlobe with her tongue.

The man let out something between a moan and a whimper as she rubbed his shaft beneath his pants.

“You wouldn’t have something like that that I could squeeze between my big fat fake titties would you?” she asked before placing her hand on the side of his face and turning his head towards her, then pushed him right between her tits.

Before long she was on her back, her top put around her neck, and the man’s cock sliding diligently between her tits that she was squeezing together. He didn’t last long, but just like always, when his cum hit her tits, her body spasmed with a massive orgasm.

He was gone by the time she recovered from it and she laid there for a few extra minutes savoring the feeling of his drying cum on her tits. Eventually though she sat upright and retrieved her purse from the ground, pulling out a wet wipe and cleaning off her tits. It was the most disappointing part of these kinds of encounters, she couldn’t let the cum dry and wear it all day. Instead, once she clean her self up, she pulled her top down and headed back to the office, her lunch break just about over.

Perhaps, if she was lucky, the new mail boy would be up for another round this afternoon and then she’d be able to keep his cum on her tits all afternoon until it was time to get dressed and head home. If not, perhaps she could ask to be sent out to one of the clients, they always appreciated her dropping by to ensure all was well with their accounts.