You know what they say, dog’s always attract the ladies and it had been no different with Ariel when she’d seen Max. That had been a year ago, and while Max was the same adorable suck up he’d always been, the same couldn’t be said about Ariel.

Ariel had been a mousy little thing, wearing a one piece swimsuit and her hair done up in a bun. She’d petted Max as I slipped inside of her mind to find out a little more about her and I was surprised to find her self image was very different from what she displayed to the public.

I’d made some small talk as I worked to align her inner and outer versions of herself, along with a few other tweaks of course. She smiled and waved at the both of us as she walked back down the beach and a smile had crossed my lips.

Over the next few weeks, things had started to change, Ariel had started to blossom and spend more time at the beach. Her clothing changed, her attitude changed, and she stopped by to say hi to Max and I every chance she got.

Eventually she couldn’t help herself and it turned to flirting and she was all over me. I didn’t dissuade her, but I did set some conditions, to which she eagerly agreed.

And that was how it had been ever since. I reached down and picked up one of the drift wood sticks and threw it for Max, he chased after it but Ariel started to get up as well.

“No. Sit.” I commanded and Ariel dropped back down on to her haunches, her smiled turning to a pout as she let out a little cry.

It didn’t last long though, “Bad girl. You know that was Max’s stick… your’s is over here…” I said, pointing to the tent in my swim trunks.

Ariel’s face lit up and she got on to all fours and crawled over to me, letting out a little bark as she did. Moments later her lips were wrapped around my dick and she eagerly played with the stick I had for her.

Part way through Max returned and I tossed the stick again, this time Ariel not even noticing it. The process repeated several more times until I could tell Max was getting tired, he was a good boy, but not young any more, so I finished up with Ariel and let her suck me dry.

A few minutes later Max and I walked back towards my house as Ariel walked down the beach, a satisfied smile on her face.

I gave Max’s head a rub, “Did you enjoy the beach?”

He gave a little yelp in reply and then trotted off ahead of me, it was good that he enjoyed it, he wasn’t going to have that many more good days at the beach. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to and Ariel would make a fine replacement for Max when that day eventually came.