“Oh come on now… it’s not that bad is it?” Ken said as he looked at Jennifer standing with her arm cross over her stomach.

“Well… I mean… kinda?” she replied hesitantly.

Ken shook his head from side to side, “You did say you’d do anything…” he replied and she let out a sigh.

It was true, as a new recruit from the academy, she was eager to do whatever was required to prove herself, but even though people had always told her she was beautiful, she had never been comfortable in her own body. It was one of the reasons she’d applied to the police academy in the first place.

She’d been surprised when Captain Grandon had hand picked her for specialized training… for undercover work no less!

The last three months had been a whirlwind of training and getting ready for her first assignment. She’d been so eager that when they had wanted to do some cosmetic surgery, she’d agreed without knowing the full extend that they intended.

Her eyes looked down at the two large orbs that were barely contained in her dress and she blushed as she looked back up to Ken.

“Alright then, let’s get started.” he said and she nodded in reply before taking a step towards where he was seated.

She wiggled her hips and looked as sexy as she could as she approached him and sat down on his lap and he started a song playing on his phone before setting it to the side.

She rocked her hips back and forth as she jiggled her breasts to the beat of the music. She steadied herself by placing her hands on his chest, just as the first song ended she raised her hands up and pulled her dress down to expose her breasts.

By the middle of the second song his face was buried between them and his hands hand hiked up her dress and were on her ass. She could also feel his hard shaft sticking up from his lap.

“Ken… I… I don’t know… if I… I can… do this…” she managed to get out and pull back slightly from him.

Before she could managed to get completely off his lap, he raised one of his hands and gave her ass a hard slap.

She let out a gasp as her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened and an image flashed through her mind… the image of a a big titted blonde being fucked from behind, the man slamming in to her pussy and slapping her ass at the same time.

She didn’t have time to recover before another slap landed and the entire thing repeated again. And again. And again.

She instinctively leaned forward once more, her hips rocking hard and faster. Ken used his free hand to grab hold of one of her tits and squeeze it hard.

This time a moan escaped her lips and the image of another large breasted woman flash in her mind. This time a man was squeezing the woman’s tits while sucking on one of the woman’s nipples. When Ken’s lips enveloped her own nipple, her mouth seemed to form words without her even having to think them.

“Oh god baby… suck that nipple… yeah… moan

As the third song started, even touch of Ken’s hands brought a new image to her mind, and she hardly notice him lift her up gently and turn her around so she was leaning back against him.

His hands were firmly on her tits, while one of hers was under her ass, stroking his dick, and the other was between her legs, stroking her pussy. Eventually he let go of one of her tits and lifted his hand to her mouth, letting her take one of his fingers in between her lips and sucking on it.

She wasn’t even surprised at the image the flashed in her mind, and she quickly slipped down between his legs and unzipped his pants, taking his hard shaft between her lips and matching it perfectly.

“So, is she ready?” Captain Grandon asked.

“Yeah, she passed with flying colours.” Ken replied.

Grandon nodded with a smirk, “Good, have her delivered to Jamison’s strip club by the end of the week… in the meantime, you’d better go over her conditioning a few more times… just to make sure.”

Both men chuckled a bit before Ken left. Grandon pulled out his cell phone and opened the encrypted messenger, letting Jamison know another one was on her way. He didn’t know how the video’s did it, but a few weeks of watching the training material that Jamison had tampered with always did the trick.

There had been a time when Grandon had been a straight arrow, dedicated to the force, but all men have a weakness and Jamison had found his. Grandon called out to Jessi who was seated at the desk just in front of his office and the statuesque blonde wiggled her way in to his office.

“Yes Boss?” she asked.

“Do you have the files on the new recruits yet?”

“Yes Sir… I’m just going through them now. They should be on your desk within the hour.”

Grandon grunted and nodded. Jessie turned and wiggled her ass as she walked back to her desk and Grandon couldn’t wait for the files to be on his desk and Jessi to be under it.