Marisa sat down on the platform in the VIP room and turned herself in such a way as to show off her ass while looking over her shoulder. What she saw was the same, revolting man that had been grabbing her ass out on the floor of the club as she’d sat on his lap and whispered disgusting things she’d do to him if he took her to a VIP booth.

The worst part was that she knew she’d been performing each and every one of those disgusting acts for him and anything else he wanted because he’d paid the doorman before they had entered the room for the full VIP experience.

She’d been fighting it for months, each and every day, but it was a battle she couldn’t win and deep down she knew it.

She was too smart for her own good, both right now as she continued to fight it, and a year ago when she’d been the CFO of the company that owned the stripclub.

Back then, she’d been the smartest person in the room whenever an executive meeting had been call, finding new and inventive ways to make the company money. If she’d know the real business they had been in she would have quite and run to the Feds right away. In the end, that had been the problem, when she’d found some financial transactions and company names that she didn’t recognize and started to investigate.

If she’d simply taken the CEO at his word, that there was nothing wrong, then she would have probably been fine. But she hated a mystery and so she had dug deeper and deeper, until it was too late.

The smack of the man’s hand on her ass and the jingling of the chains that hung around her waist brought her back to the present. She closed her eyes and titled her head back slightly as she let out a moan. Then she turned and laid on to the platform, pushing her ass up in t the air.

“God baby, smack that ass… it feels so good!” she said.

The man didn’t need to be told twice and a series of smacks and gropes of her ass elicited more moans and degrading statements from her lips.

Eventually the man seemed satisfied and reached between her legs, pushing his fingers through the latex material and in to her pussy. The latex, under tension from her firm round ass, quickly split all the way up to the waistband on both sides, exposing her ass but leaving her legs fully covered in latex.

Her old self wanted to reprimand the man for destroying her outfit, her mind knowing that the club would be taking the cost out of the little big of allowance they gave her each month.

The new her gasped and rocker her hips backwards, pushing the man’s fingers in deeper.

“You make me so fucking wet baby! Are you gonna put that big hard cock in to my tight little pussy and fuck me lie the cheap little whore that I am?”

Only one of those things were true of course; the man revolted her, he was old and fat and ugly. She’d felt his small penis through his pants on the floor and it wasn’t anything to write home about.

And finally, she wasn’t cheap.

She knew how much the club charged for the VIP rooms, and in comparison to the pittance they gave her, they were raking in the cash. Knowing what she did now about the club’s activities, she often wondered how she had never seen in back when she was the CFO.

Then again, being smart didn’t mean you couldn’t be oblivious as well. Much like the fake books for the club that she had never questioned, she hadn’t seen anything wrong that night when she’d left the office late, having spent even more time trying to figure out what was going on.

By the time she realized she was in trouble, the two large men bearing down on her, it was too late and before she could scream they had a gag in her mouth and her hands tied behind her back.

A few hours later, she was strapped into a chair, drugged, stimulated, and conditioned.

Even now she couldn’t really be sure how long it had taken… at least a week she was sure, but that time was mostly a fog. She knew for sure though that the fog had started to clear and that she was different.

She reacted to things different, like when one of her captors had grabbed her ass, she’d pushed back into him and moaned instead of turning around and smacking his face.

She walked differently too, her hips swaying more, her chest pushed out, and she couldn’t bring herself to wear anything but heels.

But there was more subtle changes as well. She had always been an early bird, wanting to be up first thing and going to bed early. But now she stayed up late and slept in. She had never been a gym person, but she was working out every day. Fashion and beauty had never really interested her, but now she devoured the glamour magazines that were left laying around.

Finally they had brought her a stack of papers to sign and once she was done, taken her to the club and left her with the manager. He had told her what her new job entailed and afterwards taken her to her new apartment. It was just a short walk from the club and was on the smaller side, except for the closet and bedroom.

The closet was a huge walking, far larger than anyone had a need for, but was dwarfed by the bed the dominated the bedroom.

A smack landed on her ass and she lifted her head and turned around to see the man that had brought her to the VIP standing naked behind her. His hand landed on her ass several more times, and she could feel the burning redness that must have almost matched the destroy latex of her pants.

“Come on baby, stick that dock in my slutty little cunt… you know you want to fuck me hard, and deep, and fast.”

The man didn’t waste any time and pushed in to her, his hand continuing it’s assault on her ass that she’d spent so much time in the gym obtaining.

She couldn’t say the same for her breasts, or lips. The club had spent some of her first paychecks on those, with the best plastic surgeon in the city. She’s spent weeks re-learning how to speak without a lips, though a few of her regular clients insisted she do so anyway. And her back ached every day from the massive implants that had been installed in her breasts.

Unfortunately, she was pretty sure one of her other regulars had been talking to the manager to see if they could go even larger… and since he was willing to pay for it, she was sure it wouldn’t be long before she had another appointment with the plastic surgeon.

She felt the man grab her hips, finally stopping the assault on her ass cheeks and she rocked back in to him, pushing him as deeply as he would go in to her.

“God baby, you fuck me so good! My pussy is on fire with your cock stuffed in it!” she cried out and to her surprise the man pulled back and out of her.

But it was only for a moment as he repositioned himself and plunged directly in to her ass.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES! YES! YES! FUCK THAT ASS! STUFF THAT BIG FAT COCK IN MY WHORE ASS!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as he pushed all the way in to her.

The pleasure was real, just like if he’d been fucking her face, or her tits, or a few moments ago when he’d been fucking her pussy.

She knew it was artificial, somehow induced by whatever conditioning they had done to her, but that didn’t diminish the reality of it even on bit. Her whole body was on fire with pleasure, her mind overwhelmed at the billions of nerve ending telling it that she was enjoying every second of it.

When he finally released inside of her ass, her body twitched and her voiced cried out in an animalistic cry that shook her to her very core.

Some time later, when she had recovered and the man had left, she cleaned herself up and removed her ruined pants, tossing them into the garbage along with the wet naps that she always carried. Then she checked her phone and swore under her breath.

She only had 15 minutes to get changed into a new outfit and get back out on to the floor. The CEO, her old boss, would be arriving for his weekly appointment with her and she couldn’t be late for it.

After all, the new her never questioned anything he said and he’d told her on their first appointment at the club that he was the most important man in her life and the new her couldn’t disappoint him like the old her had.