Lana could feel the bird cage behind her, physically empty of any living being as it was, that held her mind firmly behind its bars.

She had been free once, to go where she pleased, to do what she wanted, to be who she wanted to be, but that seemed like a lifetime ago no.

Slowly, but sure, over time, she had been tamed, caged, shackled, to this very spot.

She continued to stare at the door, waiting for the man that had done this to her, the man that had clipped her wings and caged her mind, to enter the room once more.

The sound of footsteps came from beyond the door and her heart jumped inside of her chest, then crashed to her stomach when the passed by and receded down the hallway.

She hated the way it made her feel, both the excitement of the approach and the despair of the departure, but she showed neither on her face.

She wasn’t even sure if she could anymore, for while he’d tamed her mind , he’d done far more to her body. The large implants in her chest were his doing, as were the puffy lips on her face, along with the miriade of fillers and box that made her face feel numb all the time. The blonde dye in her hair was his as well, along with the extensions that made if flow down her back. The tanned glow of her skin and the heavy makeup completed the look he wanted for her.

She heard footsteps once more and the excitement returned, this time to be paid off when she heard the doorknob start to turn. She sat up straight, pushed her chest out and tried to force a smile to come to her lips.

The door opened and her pussy moistened as she gasped as he came in to sight, then he smiled and her world almost exploded in pleasure.

Her lips parted and she heard her own voice echo in the room, “giggle Oh my gawd Ken, like, are you here to play with Barbie? giggle

The man’s name wasn’t Ken, she knew that much, just as hers wasn’t Barbie, but it didn’t matter. It was what he wanted to hear and so she said it.

Soon he’d want to hear the sound of her lips warped around his dick and her gagging on it.

Then he’d want to hear her telling him to fuck her pussy harder and faster.

Finally he’d want to hear her begging for him to pushed deeper and deeper into her ass.

As much as Lana would hate it later, right now all she could think of was how good it was going to feel to be used like the sexy, slutty, Barbie doll that she was.