Evelyn touched her face with her latex covered hands as she look in the mirror and wondered at the change in her appearance.

She did so every day when she was done the hours it took to get ready for work, but it fascinated her no less each time.

When she’d taken the job as a personal assistant to the reclusive Mr. Maltese she knew there would be some… strange requests from him. Demands that would seem eccentric to say the least, but she’d been willing to accept those as it was a plump position that paid far more than she would ever be able to earn in as traditional corporate EA.

For the first few months it had been fine; a strict dress code that he provided the clothing to her for, the need to be on call 24 hours a day with a phone he provided, and some random messages and requests at odd hours.

Nothing she hadn’t been able to put up with and if she was honest, less than she had expected.

She grew so accustomed to the request and she hadn’t even really noticed the slow change in the clothing that was sent over to her. Or the minor changes to her makeup routine or hair style.

It wasn’t until request to get lip fillers that she’d hesitated. The request had come in on her phone and she’d failed to respond for several minutes, even though the message had been clearly marked as read. A second message came in, repeating the first, and the butterflies in her stomach intensified.

By the fourth repeat of the message her fingers moved on their own as she typed out the reply, “Yes Sir.”

The butterflies disappeared instantly as a wave of euphoria washed over her and a small orgasm followed.

It had never taken for repeats again to get her to agree to a request, the closest that it had come was when he’d sent her a link to a plastic surgeon for her breasts, she’d replied on the third repeat of the message. She’d spent an hour masturbating afterwards to the thought of the two round globes that would soon be stuck to her chest.

She let her hands fall to her side as she turned and walked from the bathroom and out in to the hallway. It was long and wide, Mr. Maltese’s mansion was huge and she occupied on of the smallest suites at the opposite end of it from him.

She’d moved in to recover from her surgery and hadn’t left since. Everything was provided for her, everything she needed, everything he wanted her to have.

She walked down the hallway, her ass pushed up and out from the towering heels she wore. Her tits pushed out from her shoulders being held back so far. Her hips swaying with each step as she placed each foot across the other.

She entered Mr. Maltese’s bedroom and found him sitting in his lounge chair in his housecoat, watching the large TV mounted on the wall across from the main bed. She took a quick look at the TV and didn’t recognize the movie, but it was another black and white silent film, the kind he liked best, and her lips curled into a smile. Or least it felt that way, though she knew it wouldn’t be obvious to anyone but her.

She stepped forward, swinging her hips even more as she came up to him, stepped between his legs, and knelt down. Her fingers undid his housecoat and spread it open, letting her head slipped between his legs and her lips engulf his already semi-erect shaft.

Slowly but surely she worked up and down him, caressing him gently. Making sure to make eye contact every few strokes, making sure his every need was taken care of. Her pace picked up as the movie played, until she could feel him twitching in her mouth and the first drops of cum spurt forth.

She pushed all the way down his shaft, letting his cum enter her throat, until no more was forthcoming. Then she pulled up and started sucking every last drop from him until there was none left.

When she was done, she pulled off of him and smiled, standing up once more and closing and retying his housecoat. Then she walked over to stand beside the TV as he stood up and headed for the bathroom to get ready for the rest of the day.

Mr. Maltese loved his black and white silent movies, and step by step, he had made her into a perfect silent black and white sex doll.

The phone that was tucked into the back of her skirt vibrated and a wave of pleasure washed over her. It didn’t matter what the message was, she knew he had sent it and she was eager to find out what he wanted her to change next.