Tom walked in to his house after a long day at work and just wanted to crash on the couch and eat a bag of Doritos.

Work had been a disaster, after two years of working from home from the pandemic his boss Alexa VanBuren had demanded he come back in to work five days a week!

He’d fought it as hard as he could, but the woman just wouldn’t budge, no matter how many statistics he showed her that the entire team was more productive over the last two years than they had been over the last five in the office.

“I don’t care, I’m tired of not being able to see you! How do I know your working if I can’t drop by your workstation and see you whenever I want!?!”

It was the inane logic of a control freak and it wighted on him like a two tone anchor. The two hours of travel each day made him wish he could quite, but it just wasn’t in the cards and he had finally relented and accepted his fate.

To make matters worse, the first day back to the office had been his birthday and she’d even denied him a vacation day!

Then, to top the day off with a cherry, Alexa had dropped by his office at lunch and announced she was heading out early and he was in charge of the office for the rest of the day.

He headed straight to the kitchen and opened the cupboard, pulling a bag of chips from it after tossing his computer case on to the kitchen table. He tossed his suit jacket, which he hadn’t worn in two years, over the back of one of the kitchen table chairs, undid his tie and headed straight for the living room and the waiting couch.

The moment he turned the corner he dropped the bag of Doritos and sat there staring, he mouth agape.

giggle Like, Hi Tommy! giggle

Tom’s mind trying to process what he was seeing as the smiling face of Alexa looked back at him. And yet, it wasn’t Alexa. Alexa had shoulder length light brown hair, always in a bun and never wore much makeup. And while he’d always suspected she had an amazing body under the baggy business suits she always wore, there was no doubt that she was a bombshell in the tight little black two piece she wore now.

“Alexa… what… what are you… doing here?” he sputtered out as he managed to get he jaw up off the floor.

giggle Like silly, I told ya… I gotta drop by and see ya whenever I like, want! giggle Ya know, like, uhm, to make sure your like working! giggle” she replied as she licked her lips near the end and stared at my crotch.

My mind was running at a thousand miles an hour trying to process what was happening, but Alexa didn’t miss a beat.

She stood up and wiggled her way over to me, “And like, call me Lexi VanBooben giggle” she said as she stopped right in front of me, shook her boobs from side to side and the knelt down in front of me.

Her fingers worked quickly and my pants were on the floor in no time. Her hand wrapped around my already hard shaft and stroked it a few times before she looked up at me with a surprised look on her face.

“Oh my gawd Tommy, like, your working soooo hard! giggle I should totally never have doubted you! giggle” she managed to get out before wrapping her lips around me and diving all the way down my shaft in a single easy action.

She went at it like a professional, I was utterly convinced she could have sucked a golf ball through a garden hose, and she didn’t stop until well after I’d emptied my balls in to her throat.

It was only afterwards, Lexi laid out on the floor in orgasmic bliss, that I noticed the envelope sitting in the chair she had been in. Tucked between the arm and the cushion where it must have slipped when she stood up, I knew instantly that Henry had outdone himself this year.

I let out a sigh and wondered if now that the pandemic was over if I’d get a chance to see my friend again soon. In the meantime, it was the weekend and I knew that I’d be having a great birthday weekend thanks to him and his gift.