Tanya tried to pull her sister up to her feet, but to no avail, as the four of them stood in the backyard of their “owner”. Maya could still get up on to her knees, unlike her other two sisters Jenn and Sammy, but it was harder and harder for her each day.

Tanya could still stand, and even knew that none of them were property, and certainly not “owned” by the man standing in front of them. But it was getting harder and harder to express that knowledge.

“Sit!” the man said as he looked at Maya and she heard her sister whimper and start to bend over. Tanya grabbed her hand and tried to stop her, but the command was too strong and Maya broke free and placed her hands on the ground between Jenn and Sammy.

Tanya watched Maya’s whole body quiver in pleasure as she obeyed the order and the mad smiled and said “Good girl.”

“You bastard!” Tanya tried to say, but her lips refused to form the words and instead she took half a step backwards as the only resistance she could muster.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the man asked and Tanya’s eyes darted to the shed that the four of them had been living in for the last week or so and then back to him.

Even though it was a filthy pig sty, it was better than being out in the open with him.

“Don’t even think about it.” he said in a forceful tone and her mind scrambled to hold on to the thought but it was gone before she could.

“Quite the resilient one aren’t you? Well, no matter, it won’t be long now.”

Tanya didn’t know exactly how he was doing it, but knew enough to suspect that their food and water were drugged. There was probably something in the collars as well, since they weren’t allowed to remove them, but whatever it was it was working, Tanya had no doubt about that.

The man walked over to her left side, her three sisters all following his movement with their heads and eyes, and then placed a hand on her bare shoulder and leaned in.

“I like the strong ones, they’re so much more fun to play with! I’m going to sell off these three little bitches to the highest bidder, but you… you I think I’m going to keep for a while.” he said and then gave a little chuckle right beside her ear.

“Now get down on your knees.” he said in a commanding tone and her legs gave out from beneath her and she dropped down, unable to resist any longer.

“Good girl.” he said, patting her head while drawing it over to his crotch.

Then he titled her head back so she was looking up at him, her eyes had glazed over, her nipples had hardened and her pussy was moist.

“Do you want a treat for being so good?” he asked and all she could do was lazily nod her head. He quickly dropped his pants and her lips wrapped around his hard cock to the sound of whining and whimpering from her sister.

“Silence bitches!” he barked at them and all three yelped briefly before falling silent.

Tanya continued to suck until she felt the first drops of cum leave his cock and he pulled her off, sending streams of cum over her face and tits. Her whole body shook with an orgasm and she fell backwards on to the ground.

She laid there for a moment, then she heard his voice once more, “Alright bitches, you can have your treat now.”

Moments later she felt her sisters tongues lapping at her body, licking up every last drop of their owner’s cum that they could.