A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday April 02, 2022

Jason looked down at the unconscious woman and wondered what lie her husband, or boyfriend, or boss, or whatever had told her to get her to agree to surgery.

It was hard to believe that such a beautiful woman needed anything “fixed”, but then again, was anyone 100% happy about their bodies? Even the most beautiful women in the world always seemed to be looking for just a little bit more perfection than they had.

He looked down at the chart and shook his head, perhaps it was her lips or nose that she was expecting to change, but those would be the smallest of changes that the client had indicated.

He let out a sigh and then placed the paperwork on the cart beside him, picking up the clippers afterwards, and walked around to the head of the table. He titled her head to the side and started to shave off her hair, until her scalp was completely bald. Then did the same with her eyebrows before moving to her arm pits and vaginal area.

He went over all the areas again with a chemical hair remover and when he was complete, she was completely hairless, from head to toe.

Just as he finished cleaning up the door to the room opened and a doctor in a white coat entered the room, walked over to the cart and picked up the paperwork.

“Let’s see… genetic modification of the hair follicles and eye colour, eye lip and nose job, breast augmentation, rib removal, internal corset, buttock augmentation. Yep, pretty standard.” he said and then flipped over the page from the physical changes to the mental ones.

“Well, now that’s different…” he said, raising an eyebrow, “Don’t get many of these.”

Flipping the sheet of paper over again he tossed it on to the cart once more and then walked over to take a look at her body, inspecting it with a clinical eye. When he seemed satisfied he turned and walked out of the room once more.

Jason hadn’t looked at the second page of the order, he’d just been interested in what he was required to do, but now the doctor’s comment had intrigued him and he picked up the paperwork once more.

“Fuck me…” he blurted out to the empty room as he read the paper.

“Complete fuck doll. Zero self actuated mobility. Pre-recorded speech. Constant orgasms from use. Original personality otherwise intact.”

He set the paperwork back down and took a last look at the woman on the table before pushing the cart out of the room and back to his work area. Sometimes it was better not to know the details of the work that was being done to the women, especially in cases like these. Fortunately the clinic paid more than enough to make up for a few sleepless nights and the fringe benefits helped as well.

Jason grabbed his phone and unlocked it, adding an entry to his calendar, “Fuck Toy Testing”, for five days from now.

After all, he might be having some sleepless nights, but it wasn’t because of his conscious, but instead his anticipation of testing the results of the surgery and programming the woman would be going through over the next few days.

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