“Yes Master. Of course Master. Yes, the red dress Master, and the matching shoes. I’ll be ready Master.” Debbie said in to the phone as her Master spoke through it. His voice filled her with… well… it was hard to explain.

In fact, all of her feelings about her current situation were like that.

Logically she knew she should be outraged and angry, people weren’t property and couldn’t be owned.

On the other hand, she knew she was property, and that Master owned her.

It cause her to feel… something.

Not confusion, she clearly held both ideas in her head at once and didn’t have a problem doing so.

Not anger, she was calm and reasonable, there was no stress in her at all.

Not pleasure, that was for sure. Oh there was pleasure at times, but it wasn’t over situation, it was only ever at her Master’s command.

Indifference? That was as close as she had come to describing it but even that wasn’t right. She engaged in her life in a way that an indifferent person never would. Like checking her body over and over again to make sure she’d was perfectly presentable. Or how much time and effort she put in to her makeup, or at the gym.

Her Master had taken ownership of her just a little over six months ago, acquiring her at a club, and ever since then she’d been striving to meet his expectations. Which was someone who was indifferent would ever do.

She heard the phone disconnect and she let her hand fall to her side, then walked over to her nightstand and set her phone down, before heading to the closet. Her Master would be there shortly and she had to be ready to go out when he did.

Perhaps if she could define her feelings at the moment, she might have been excited to see him. It had been a few days since he’d last called her and he hadn’t seen her latest lip injects. She hoped they would meet his expectations this time, but she’d already book another appointment in case they didn’t. Just as she’d already booked her next breast enlargement a few weeks after her first one.

She wondered if one day that she might finally feel satisfied… but that thought was silly, she knew she could never be satisfied unless her Master was and she couldn’t imagine he’d ever be satisfied with one woman, let alone her.