A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday April 06, 2022

It was finds like this that kept me in the game after all these years.

Working in the underbelly of the criminal world was hard, it often had great risk and slim rewards. That was especially true when superheroes were involved.

Many years ago I found myself smack dab in the middle of it all when I came across a fallen hero, completely brainwashed, and unattended. Before I could think of what the downsides might have been, I’d grabbed her out from under the villain that was currently in possession of her and found a buyer that didn’t ask any questions.

It was only months later, when said buyer had been arrested for superhuman trafficking that it really hit home and I’d nearly panicked and fled the city. It was shear stupidity mixed with naivety that stopped me from hiding away in a nice extradition free island, and pure dumb luck that the buyer couldn’t ID me.

A few years later I’d stumbled upon my second hero, but this time I’d been more cautious and planned things better, finding that I had a talent for the work.

Since then I’ve found and sold many fallen heroes, some of them have cropped back up in public, most are never heard from again.

There were only two other people in my line of business that I knew of, one was active in the European theater, the other had retired a few years ago. I was sure that this was one of his as Diana had been active in North America, and very high profile, his MO to a tee.

I’d gotten a call just a few days ago from a seller, something I didn’t often entertain, working with other people’s hand-me-downs was risky but as soon as he’d said who it was…

She’d disappeared five years ago from the public eye, no explanation had been given by the League, and most deflected any questions that came their way.

Standing in the sellers mansion with her in a classic pose, I was going over the possibilities in my head.

“And why are you looking to sell?” I asked the unimposing man that had greeted me just a few minutes ago.

“Well, you might not believe me… but I’ve grown bored with her.”

I nodded in understanding, “Oh I believe you, you’d be surprised the number of these kinds of calls I get. It’s always one of two things, too much work to maintain them, or they’re bored with them.”

The thin, bespectacled man raised any eyebrow and nodded back.

“And the history of the acquisition? Anything I have to be looking out for?”

“No issues there, I acquired her right from Stevenson. He did a real good job with the cover story. I’m told the Bat and the Boyscout actually came to blows over it.”

I smiled thinking back to the time frame of her disappearance and could remember the animosity between the two of them seeping through to the media.

“Alright, well you know I can’t offer you very much. Lots of risk in these kinds of transactions and I usually acquire my product at no cost.”

The man shook his head, “Not an issue, I completely understand. I just want her to go to someone who will keep her out of the hero game.”

“I can guarantee that for sure.”

“Good, then I’ll trust your assessment of value. We have an agreement then?”

“Yes, yes we do.” I replied, nodding.

The man turned to Diana and spoke, “Diana, put your jacket on and then go get your things. This man is your new owner and you will be leaving with him.”

Diana’s eyes lit up and she smiled at me, “Yes Sir”, she replied before walking from the room.

“Things?” I asked.

“Ah, her original uniform, as well as a few other trinkets from her past life. I’m sure they will add value to the sale.”

I let out a chuckle and nodded, “Yes, yes they will.”

We turned to walk towards the door, as we did the man paused for a moment and spoke one last time, “You know there is one thing that I never got bored of with her, and I highly recommend you try it out yourself before you sell her…”

“Oh?” I inquired.

“Yes, that high pitched squeal she lets out every time fuck her ass, followed by the need in her voice as she begs you to fuck it harder.”

I let out another chuckle, “Oh don’t worry about that… it’s basically the only reason I’m here. I had such a crush on her as a teenager and I can’t wait to use every hole she has.”

The man smiled and nodded before turning and continuing on.

I really didn’t know how long it would be until I got around to selling her on to a client, but I was sure it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

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