Jen leaned back in the tub and pushed her tits above the water, god was she so fucked!

She grimaced and closed her eyes as she slowly let her tits sink in to the warm water and her hips bucked instinctively, causing the water to splash up on to her tits, making her hips buck even more until she cried out and sunk deep in to the water with an orgasm.

She hadn’t had a bath in a week, and there was no way it was possible that she’d have a shower, last time she tried she’d orgasmed so many times she only just made it out of the stall before collapsing on to the floor.

And forget about clothing, she hadn’t had a top on in weeks. It was a good thing there were lots of delivery services around and she could work from home, otherwise she’d have starved to death by now.

She let out a sigh and just laid there, staying a still as she could, letting the warm water cleans her as best as it could. She didn’t dare try and rub the dirt from her tits, she’d be cumming for hours if she did.

She knew what she had to do, how to “solve” the problem, but she refused to give in. To give him the satisfaction of it.

Then again, she was really starting to wonder how much longer she could hold out.

He’d been nice enough, she’d just been having a bad day and snapped at him when she caught him looking at her tits. It wasn’t like the first time she’d had a guy stare at her tits, and if she was honest, she usually dressed to elicit that exact thing. She had used them throughout her life to get ahead, and she didn’t see any problem with that. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

But that day… well, it had started of well enough. She’d left her apartment in a good mood, dress to show off her body, but by the time she had returned it was a whole different case. Starbucks had screwed up her order, a car had splashed dirty water on to her shoes, some dumb asses had been cat calling her, and her mother had talked her ear off about when she was coming home for a visit.

When John, one of the guys in her condo tower, at stared at her tits while she was getting the mail… well… she had snapped.

“Are you gonna stare at my tits all day? Maybe I should walk around naked all the time for your pleasure?” she said in a nasty tone.

John had blinked and then looked up at her face before he smiled, “My apologies, you never complained before.” he retorted. He was right of course, he’d stared at her tits many times before when they met at the mail-room, or in the hallway or elevator. She even liked it usually, he was always desecrate, complimentary, and struck up an interesting conversation when they had time.

His smile had widened and he spoke again, “In fact, you make a good point…”, then snapped his fingers and a flash of light filled the mail-room.

She’d blinked several times and when her eyes cleared, John was gone. She had shrugged it off and headed back up to her unit and hadn’t thought about it until a few hours later. That was when the feel of the material of her top against her nipples had sent her running for her bedroom and over the edge after just a few more minutes of contact.

At first she had thought it was just a one off thing, perhaps something about the time of the month, but when she’d tried to put her housecoat on, it had returned with a vengeance. She’d spent the rest of the night sitting in her living room with her housecoat parted and her tits sticking out.

Three days later, she’d put it together and, against all logic, knew John had done something to her.

It had progressively gotten worse and worse, until now she couldn’t even clean herself without orgasming.

She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer, but then again, there was one though that strengthened her resolve.

If just submerging her tits in water caused such a powerful orgasm, what ungodly pleasure would come from John touching them?

She let out a low whimper and slowly moved her hand down to her pussy, careful to disturb the water as little as possible to avoid sending waves over her tits.

Slowly she rubbed her pussy, biting her lower lip and bracing herself against the onslaught of pleasure even the small disturbances in the water sent through her tits. She hadn’t been able to masturbate for weeks, but maybe, just maybe, should could build an orgasm from her pussy instead of her tits if she was careful and avoided thinking of John playing with her tits.

Which of course was the wrong thing to think of and she let out a gasp, disturbing the water. She rubbed her clit quickly, trying to bring on an orgasm before the water against her tits did, but it was a losing proposition.

“Oh god John! Play with my tits! Squeeze them! Suck them! Fuck them!” she cried out as she lost the battle and another massive orgasm crashed over her spreading out from her tits instead of her pussy.

An hour later she had managed to get out of the tub and air dry her tits, then dressed her self as much as she could from the waist downward. She then draped a towel over her shoulders and extended her arms out so that it didn’t touch her tits, but blocked anyone’s view of them.

It was a challenge to get out of her condo unit, in to the elevator and up to John’s penthouse unit, but the instant he answered the door and she dropped her towel, she knew she had done the right thing.