A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday April 19, 2022

Carol looked out over the city as she heard the siren in the distance. Every fiber of her being wanted nothing more than to leap from the window, fly through the air, and intervene in whatever emergency was going on.

Instead, she remained in the chair, on her haunches like some puppy dog eager to go outside, but unable to due to it’s masters commands.

Which was more accurate that she like to admit. She had once flown through the city, her white cape flapping in the breeze as she fought crime and helped those in need. But that had been years ago now, before she had come up against Dr. Taylor.

Like many of the hero who had fallen to him, she’d thought she could succeed where everyone else had failed. He, or more accurately, his bevy of corrupted superheroines, had made short work of her. Her super strength and speed no match for the likes of Lady Justice and the other A list heroes he’d already defeated.

He’d put his programming helmet on her head, and she’d spent the next few years working as a super cam girl in the basement of his mansion, performing for whoever paid the fee.

Eventually, her earnings no longer justified her existence in the mansion and Dr. Taylor had given her away to an affluent mayoral candidate, as a way to ensure his co-operation if he won.

He didn’t win, but that didn’t matter to Dr. Taylor, Carol was long forgotten by that time and so she remained… tantalizing close to the city she desperately wanted to defend, forever stuck behind the floor to ceiling glass windows of the condo.

Just as the sirens faded into the distance, she felt a hand come to rest on her ass and she let out a little moan as she closed her eyes.

“Oh my god baby… like I didn’t hear you come in at all! giggle

She wiggled her ass as he squeezed and rubbed her cheek.

“Awe, were you listening to that siren again Carol?”

giggle Mmmm… like yeah baby, they’re just so totally mesmerizing! giggle

He chuckled a little before lifting his hand from her ass and grabbing her pony tail, pulling her upright and then twisting her around so she was facing him.

“You know what else is mesmerizing don’t you?” he asked.

giggle Like, oh my god, like, I totally do!” she squealed as her hands darted for his pants.

Soon, his dick was free and her eyes were wide and empty, “…like…sooooo…mesmerizing…” she said in a half whisper as she lowered her head down and her lips wrapped around him.

Outside of the window another siren could be heard clearly, but Carol no longer paid any attention to it, her master had given her a treat and she was content once more.

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