Donna had come to Vegas bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to strike it rich in the city of endless possibilities… those days were long gone though. Covered over in makeup and plastic surgery, she had run headlong in to the reality of Sin City.

There were a thousand girls like her each month that arrived, each one with stars in their eyes, at least until they realized they were each in competition with each other for the limit opportunities. The reality was that it was a race to the bottom for each and every one of them. If one of them dressed stylishly, another would dress provocative. If one of them dressed provocatively, another would dress sluttily. And so on and so on, until they were all walking around showing as much skin as possible.

Most of the other girls had given up and left after never being able to keep up, but Donna had caught on early to the game and gone all in. She’d given up any pretense of being anything but a wanton slut, sucking and fucking whoever she had to to get ahead.

Which had led to her current predicament. She’d eventually fallen in with the wrong crowd, the kind that soon had her doing drugs and porn to pay for them.

She’d been at her lowest point when they’d taken her away and locked her in a room, strapped down to a chair, an IV drip feeding her who knew what kind of drugs. The lights and sounds that filled the room still played in the back of her mind when she closed her eyes, and by the time they untied her, she was a changed woman.

Gone were the thoughts of being anything but the property of the men that control her, the men that owned her.

They had quickly put her to work, servicing the VIP’s in the various casinos, and she had done well for them. But time waited for no one, and she was no longer the young girl that had arrived in Vegas, but a mature woman.

She turned her head from the window, the lights of Vegas streaming by, and gazed down at her tits. She’d had them for a few years, they were larger than any of the other girls she worked with, but it was time to go even farther.

Her owners had already approved the revisions to her; tits, lips, ribs, ass, and more.

This would be her last client before the work began, she’d be out of commission for several weeks, but she knew it would be worth it.

After all, to be the best fuck doll in Vegas, she could never stop improving, never be satisfied with what she was. The lights that danced behind her eyes each night as she slept told her as much and she knew they were right.