“Please… I really need to…” Anabelle pleaded as I looked over the table at her in the conference room.

I smiled and shook my head disapprovingly, “No… no, you’re still fighting it too hard Anni.”

Her face fell, her lower lip quivered and tears started to well up in her eyes, “But… but.. I did what you… what you said…”

I just shook my head again, “Really? You think that half ass dye job is what I wanted?”

“But.. but… I really need to suck your cock…” she managed to get out without blubbering too much.

“I know you do, I put that need in to your mind after all. But you still keep trying to exert some kind of control over the situation and that’s unacceptable. As I said last week, and the week before that and the week before that; you are my personal fuck toy now and you will act like it or you won’t get what you need.”

I could see the words hit her like a ton of bricks and her eyes glaze over slightly before she responded, the tears drying up.

“Please Sir… please Sir, Anni is sorry. Anni will do better. Anni will fix her hair. Please Sir, let Anni suck your cock.”

“No.” was my simple reply and in response she just lowered her head in shame.

“Anni understand Sir. Anni sorry for disobeying.”

“Good. Now since you’ve failed your weekly performance review… yet again… I expect you to try twice as hard in the coming week. Understand?”

“Yes Sir, Anni understands.” she almost whispered in response.

“Alright then, so in addition to completing your tasks from last week, I’m going to assign you another one as well.”

She nodded ever so slightly in response.

“You know Jim down in shipping, right?”

Her eyes widened as I’m sure the image of the old, overweight, shipping manager in the mail room came to the forefront of her mind.

“Yes Sir.”

“Find and excuse to go down and see him before your next performance review. I want to see a photo of his cum on your face and his cock between your lips in next weeks meeting.”

Anabelle’s cheeks flushed and then she nodded once more.

“Good. That will be all Anni, now get back to work.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied and then stood up and wiggled her way out of the conference room.

Anabelle looked across the conference room table and pushed a long strand of her black hair over her ear, then checked her suit jacket and pants to make sure she presented the right image to John.

She new there was nothing to worry about, she was after all the top billing associate in the firm, and no outside consultant was going to mess with her success with the clients. There were a few others in the office she was sure weren’t going to be so lucky though.

Why the partners had brought in a consultant to review the operations of the firm was a mystery to her. She’d certainly make sure not to waste that kind of money when she was a partner, that was for sure. But in the mean time, well, there was no harm in going along with it. She might even be able to torpedo a few of the other associates that might get in her way later on.

“Hello Anabelle, thanks for making the time to sit down with me.” John said, a middle aged man, still with most of his hair, and just a few extra pounds. He was dressed in a well tailored suit and had a bearing about him that exuded confidence.

“No problem John, happy to help out with the review so we can all work better together.” she lied right to his face with a practiced smile. She was loosing billable hours being here, and that wasn’t something she liked to do.

“Great… well let’s get started.” he said and then, before she could even respond, she felt a pressure on her mind. Then a buzzing in her pussy.