Debbie was sucking gently on her boss’s cock as she looked up at him from her knees, it was her morning routine for the last several months that she’d interned for him.

Much like the lunch meetings with the clients that she spent under the table felicitating the each after the other.

Or the after work “parties” where she was passed around between clients and potential clients alike.

Which of course, made her the envy of the office.

She had never known business was like this, she’d been in school for three years and this was her last internship before graduation and she’d never had an experience like this one. It was just so much easier than she’d ever imagined.

Even if the computers seems to flicker too much, and cause her eye strain for the first few weeks she was there. It had passed of course, she’d gotten use to it and even grown to like the strange behaviour of the equipment, to the point she’d spend hours just staring at the screen without think of much of anything.

All she had to do was just obey her boss, suck whatever cocks were presented to her, and fuck anyone that wanted to fuck her.

Gone were all those hours studying, and having to know things, all she had to do was look pretty and put out.

Sucking her boss off each morning was just her way of thanking him for being the best boss she’d ever had.

She’d eagerly signed the new contract he’d offered her, so that she could keep working for him after graduation. It had caused some ruckus in the office, and even now she knew Donna was stewing at her desk just outside.

Up until Debbie had started her internship, it would have been Donna on her knees giving their boss a blowjob, but even Donna had to admit that she was past her prime.

Oh, she still went to all the after work parties, like all the girls in the office did. She still went out on sales calls with the other men in the office, just not with their boss anymore. That was Debbie’s job now.

Debbie felt her boss’s cum start to pump into her mouth and she eagerly took it in, holding it until he was done, and then showing him before swallowing all of it. Her orgasm blossomed as it hit her stomach and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

When the orgasm passed she managed to get to her feet and fix her lipstick, “Thanks boss, I needed that! I can’t wait to start full time and get that signing bonus you promised me!”

He smiled at her and nodded, “It’s only two more weeks Debbie, I’m looking forward to your first day.”

She nodded and almost giggle as she spun on her heels and walked towards the door. She’d negotiated hard for her signing bonus and had been practicing for weeks with a dildo to make sure her ass could take him all the way in.

It would never do to reject even a single inch of her signing bonus.