Bambi looked over at the doorway and let out a sigh when it still did not open. She’d sat down on the table an hour or so ago and she was getting desperate. It was the same thing each time he texted her, just a time to arrive and nothing more.

She never knew if he’d be there waiting, or if he’d arrive shortly after, or he might not arrive at all. Those were the worst days of course, sitting there for hours, her need growing more and more, until he texted her again… or not at all and she simply left when it was clear he wasn’t coming.

She’d met him a few years ago, back when she was just like any other “normal” girl. She had been working as a barista at a coffee place when he’d come in and she was instantly enthralled.

And not some kind of love at first sight or anything, deeply and truly enthralled to him. She did everything and anything he asked from that moment onwards. At first it had been little things, like a blowjob in the back room at the coffee shop when he dropped by. But things escalated quickly, until she was moving in to his place, sucking and fucking him all the time.

He seemed insatiable, and she was insatiable.

It was only a few months after their first meeting that he started to have her make changes. Slowly her dark brown hair was lightened, her makeup put on heavier, her clothing changed. At the end of the first year she had undergone her first surgery, she could still remember her natural C cups feeling so big and heavy with the first set of 600cc implants she had gotten. They were so small to her now though.

Those first few years had been heaven, being used day in and day out, she never even considered that it might end. That was until nine months ago when he’d kicked her out on to the street with barely a word of explanation.

She wasn’t proud of how she had reacted, begging him on her hands and knees to let her stay, to use her one more time, but it was no use. A new girl, with short red hair had walked over her and in to his home, and she knew she had been replaced.

The first few days had been rough, she’d stayed at a women’s shelter for them, which was where she met her new best friend Taylor. Taylor was a stripper that was staying at the shelter because of an abusive boyfriend and had approached Bambi assuming she was a stripper too, for obvious reasons.

They had become quick friends, and Taylor had shown Bambi the ropes of stripping, letting her ear a living and find a place of her own.

It had been only her second shift at the club when he had texted her for the first time. It had been a short message; an address and a time.

She’d nearly run to the address the next day, eager to see him again, but instead found a note taped to the door telling her to enter and wait for him.

She had been in heaven when he arrived and hell when he left. After a few more times, she understood that this was all she could hope for, and so she did. Every day she hoped a text from him would arrive. Every day she hoped he would open the door. Every day she hoped he would use her.

Most days her hopes had been dashed, but yesterday, they had come true. Now, she hoped he would arrive soon and use her like the living fuck toy she was.

Bambi hear the doorknob start to turn and her nipples hardened instantly, her pussy buzzed with excitement and her lips parted as she gasped and a wave of pleasure rolled over her body.

A god entered the room, her god to be precise, and she was eager to show him she was still his devoted thrall.

“Next!” Barb said as the woman who had just placed her order moved off to the left and towards the pickup area.

Taking orders at the coffee shop was hardly the kind of job she wanted, but in this job market it wasn’t like she could find something that would make use of her philosophy degree. She recognized it had been a silly major now, but she had been headstrong and no one could tell her otherwise when she had enrolled in university.

She unconsciously let out a sigh and then made eye contact with the next customer, “Hi, what can I get you?” she asked.

The man at the front of the line stepped forward and smiled, a chilling smile that cause Barb to subconsciously take a literally step backwards.

Then it was like a light switch had been flipped in her head. The man standing in front of her was the most handsome man she had ever seen! He was a god striding among men, she was blessed to simply be in his presence!

“Oh! Oh… please Sir… is there anything I can get you? Anything I can do for you? Please Sir… just tell me…” she stuttered out.

His smile warmed her very soul, “Unlock you phone and hand it to me.”

“Yes Sir… here!” she replied, doing as he asked.

He handed it back after a moment and she saw he had added a contact to her phone, “God”. Her pussy quivered and her nipples hardened at the sight.

“Take a break, is there a back room here?”

“Yes Sir… follow me!” she nearly cried out and rushed around the counter, taking his hand and pulling him to the back room with no thought as to what would happen next.

But that didn’t matter, just the feeling of his hand in hers made it obvious that she was his to do with as he please, and she couldn’t be happier about it.