John looked over at Katie as she leaned over slightly, holding the club as she stood above his ball.

“Here Sir, I think the three metal is the right club for this shot.” she said as she waited for him to come over from the cart.

John smiled and walked over to her and took the club before walking behind her and giving her ass a good hard slap, “Thanks Katie, good job.”

She stood bolt upright and gasped, “Thank you Sir!”, she replied before wiggling her ass over to the cart and posing by it for him.

It was certainly a change in attitude from just a few weeks ago, when she’d arrived at the golf club as the new “owner”, having “inherited” it from the previous one, Derek, by worming her way in to his good graces over several years at the strip club.

Derek had been a good enough guy, he’d hired John to manage the golf course and he’d done an excellent job of doing so. He’d turned a profit each year, a change from before he’d started, and they were even looking at doing renovations to bring in a more upscale clientele next year.

But Derek was old, and not in good health, so when he’d passed it wasn’t a big surprise. Leaving the club to Katie though, well that had shocked everyone!

None more so than John as Derek had promised to sell the club to him.

So when Katie showed up and started barking orders, John had done what he could to minimize the destruction. That was until she laid bare he plans to scuttle the upgrade John had planned and was just looking to suck every last time out of the club before she sold it off to some developer.

You know the old saying “deals get done on the golf course”, well it’s true not just for above board business men, but for many of the shady underbelly of the city as well.

As such, John had reached out to a few of his connections, and a few days later Katie had disappeared for a few days. When she returned, well, she had a completely new attitude about the golf course, and John for that matter.

He’d considered keeping her around, perhaps as a cart girl, but once the paperwork was complete for the transfer of the club over to him, he’d decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Instead the same helpful people that changed her attitude, would gladly take her off his hands as well.

He lined up his shot, started his back swing and released the club, sending the ball flying down the fairway.

“Great shot Sir!” Katie enthused before wiggling her way back to him and taking the club from his hands. She turned back to the cart and paused for a moment, leaning over a bit and sticking her ass out towards him.

He ignored it for the time being and started walking towards the cart, Katie followed suit and soon they were driving down the fairway once more.

As they pulled up to the ball John turned at looked over Katie, “Katie, when did you have your tits done?”

“Three years ago Sir.”

“How large?”

“600cc Sir.”

“Still in touch with your surgeon?”

“Yes Sir.”

John nodded and then stepped out of the cart, Katie did the same thing and wiggled her way over to his ball.

Maybe he’d keep her around for a little while longer than strictly necessary, after all, she did suck cock, well, like a pro. And he’d always been a breast man, so getting her tits pumped up even more might be fun for a while.

Besides, what better way to attract some new blood to the club than a big titted blonde cart girl who, for the members, would put out on request?