Debbie wanted so desperately to unhook the chain from her nipples, but her hands simply refused to do so. Much like they refused to closer her top, or put on anything but the open front panties she wore.

She’d had the piercings done just over a week ago, and they were still so sensitive. Even the slight weight of the chain was driving her crazy!

“Alright, you can put your hands down now.” the mans voice said and she felt some modicum of relief as her arms fell to her sides once more.

She watched him walk over to the computer and transfer the photo’s he’d just taken on to it, before uploading them to the website. He opened the last one he’d taken, the closeup of her tits, the chain dangling between them, and edited it.

When he was satisfied, he uploaded it to her profile as her banner and she saw her username displayed across the lower left side, “TittySlut069”.

She let out a little whimper that caught the man’s attention and he turned back to her and smiled, “Don’t worry honey, it’s not really that bad. Well, ok, it is that bad, but it could still be worse. You would be in real trouble if you had the username from the girl I did yesterday… FuckHoles003.”

Debbie wanted to scream, but instead her lips remained still.

To say the least, she regretted signing up to “The Perfect Dating Service”, but that paled in comparison to the regret that she felt for having fallne out of favour on the site. Little had she known that she’d demoted to service’s fetish subbrand, “The Perfect Fuck Dolls”.