Casey pushed her leg back in to the ground as she stretched out and limbered up. It was still dark outside, and would be for a few more hours which gave her lots of time to complete her workout and she’d already been up for almost an hour doing her makeup.

She turned her head over to one of the many cameras that were in the room, recording her every move, and a small shiver of pleasure ran down her spin. Just knowing that Dave might be watching, even if it was hours later, turned her on so much.

Her fingers wanted desperately to reach down between her legs and give him a better show, but instead she stood up and started to do a round of squats, she wasn’t allowed to masturbate before her workout.

Rules that had changed her life so much in the last six months that she hardly recognized herself any more. Gone was the hard headed, ambitious career woman that she had been, replaced by the hard bodied, slutty bimbo that he had made her.

She had no idea how he had done it, in fact before meeting him in the coffee shop that day, she’d never seen him before. She’d snorted in disgust the first time she’d seen him, both at the blonde bimbo on his arm and the fact that he was old enough to be her father.

Perhaps that was what had brought his attention to her, or maybe not, it was impossible to know for sure. But in any case, by the time he was walking out of the coffee shop, she was trailing along behind him to his house.

That first day he’d fucked her so hard that she thought her world was coming to and end. A week later, she’d quite her job, sold everything she owned, and moved in to the spare room at his house. She didn’t spend much time her room though, as he’d introduced her to the gym and pool that first day and she spend a lot of her time between the two.

She liked to get to the gym before the other girls, and spent longer there as well, which was why she came down so early.

Well that and the fact that if she was done first she often got to suck Dave’s cock first as the others were still getting ready.