Lola pushed her tits out and hung her head back as far as it would go before placing her hands behind her back and closing her eyes. There was no one else in the room to see, but that would change shortly.

She had only arrived a few minutes ago to the up scale hotel and checked in, under a fake name of course. She’d texted the same phone number she had been everyday since her return from her trip.

It was supposed to be a vacation, a getaway from her high stress job as CEO to a quaint little town with a world class spa. Instead it was two weeks of brainwashing and programming that had made her in to the compliant object she now was.

As her thoughts drifted to that time, she heard the door of the hotel room enter and two muffled voices.

“I am sure you’ll be very happy with the results, they are guaranteed of course. Any small changes or tweaks can easily be accommodated with just a day or two back at the spa.”

“I’d better be with what I paid!” the second voice, which she instantly recognized as Ronald Jenkins, sent a shiver down her spine.

“I’m sure your friend that recommended us to you was very positive out his experience.”

“Oh he was, that bitch of wife was going to take… fuck me!” Ronald’s voice trailed off as the two men entered the bedroom and Lola came in to view.

The other man tried as best as he could to suppress a chuckle.

Neither said anything but Lola could hear footsteps come up to the side of the bed and then felt a hand grab hold of her breast and squeeze it. He released it a moment later and gave out a hearty chuckle.

“Damn! You really did it, didn’t you? And all of my requests are implemented?”

“Of course, we pride ourselves in delivering exactly what our clients want.”

She could almost feel the predatory smile that must have crossed Ronald’s lips.

“Good.” he said to the other man then spoke directly to her, “Playtime Lola.”

Lola’s eyes snapped open and her head rose up. A broad smile cross her face as she turned to Ronald and beamed at him, “Lola is ready to play Sir, what kind of game would you like to play?”

This time she could clearly see the wolfish grin as he turned to the other man and shooed him away before turning back to Lola, “Oral.”

Lola’s hands reached out to Ronald’s pants as the other man disappeared from the room, “Lola loves to play the oral game Sir!”

Moments later her lips were around his dick and she was sucking as she crouched on the bed on all fours.

Her thoughts drifted back to the last time she’d seen Ronald, in the meeting after she had successfully fended off his hostel take over attempt at her company. She’d looked down her nose at him and sneered as she’d said the words that seemed to define her life now, “I don’t play games with boys Ronald, come back when your a real man.”