I mean, yeah, sure the pin made it official, but you could tell she was in the program from a mile away!

Not to mention that I’d know her before her “enrollment”, even if it had taken me a minute to recognize her. The first time I’d met her was in a negotiation to take over a small company I was representing. As CEO she had struck me as ambitious and determined, which was what I assumed had gotten her enrolled at some point.

I started to walk over to her and her eyes made contact with my own for a moment before drifting down to my hand, when they made contact with the ring on my finger I saw her whole body shiver slightly. Then she sat her cup on the saucer and placed both of them on the table in front of her.

“Hello Sir.” she said as she pushed her tits out and looked up at me.

“Hello Camilla.” I replied and a smile crossed her lips.

“Oh, please Sir, call me Cammi.”

I smiled and nodded, “Alright Cammi, are you free?”

“Yes Sir, I am at your disposal.”

“Good.” I said and extended my hand towards her. She placed hers in mine as she stood up and I pulled her in towards me, our lips met just as she pushed her chest in to mine and my hands found her ass.

I broke it off after a moment and then started to lead her away from the table, “Tell me Cammi, the last time I saw you, you were a CEO and on your way up… how did you come to be enrolled in the program?”

Confusion crossed her face before she responded, “I’m sorry Sir, I don’t recognize you, but I’m sure I was horrible and am excited to make it up to you.”

I let out a slight chuckle, “Don’t worry about it, I wouldn’t expect you to remember me, I wasn’t that important to you at the time.”

“Thank you for being so understanding Sir. It was two years ago, I was in the midst of a hostel takeover of a competitor who’s CEO was a member of the program. He was… unhappy… with my attitude and had me enrolled in the program. Since then, my attitude, as well as my body, as been much more to his liking Sir.”

“I’m sure they both are. I don’t recall you being so… curvy, how much work has he had done.”

“Quite a bit Sir, three breast augmentations, a brazillian butt lift, two ribs removed, as well as ongoing lip fillers and botox treatments.”

“And your at the conference… why?”

“He has started to grow bored with me Sir, so he’s been lending me out to the program for their conferences and other events.”

I nodded as we continued over to the elevators that lead up to my room in the hotel, “Any specific instructions he’s given to you?”

“Yes Sir, he’s says that I have horrible oral skills, and that I need to learn better technique. He has instructed me to tell anyone who is interested, and can teach me how to take a cock down my throat like a proper cock sucking whore, that he’ll loan me to them for an entire month.”

As the doors to the elevator closed and smiled even more broadly, “Well, that sounds like a challenge I’m up for. Good thing we have a few days.”

“Thank you Sir, I can’t wait.” she replied and promptly dropped to her knees in the elevator to prove her point.