Amber snapped the selfie from the stall in the changing room and then added a message to it before sending it to Rob, “Be home soon babe!”

It was almost 3am, and the club had closed a while ago, but it always took her while to get presentable to grab an Uber, and tonight was no exception. One of her regulars, Chuck, had been especially “enthusiastic” with her in the VIP and had done a real number of her makeup.

She wasn’t complaining, she’d learned long ago that complaining didn’t do anything, or even really possible for that matter. She’d never complain to her regulars, or they may stop seeing her, and well Rob… Rob was her pimp.

No… that wasn’t right. Yes, he got her clients, and took the money she made from them, but Rob was something more. Rob had some kind of power, that had taken her from a young college student that would never have considered prostituting herself, to a full blown whore, in just a few minutes.

That was only a few months ago, and since then she’d worked at the strip club at night and stayed at Rob’s place during the day. Though she was pretty sure her living arrangements would be changing soon. Rob’s interest in her had started to wane and she’d seen him kick out the girl she had replaced without even the slightest remorse.

Amber was about the open up the Uber app when Rob sent a reply, “Don’t both, here’s an address. Three guys want to fuck you raw, make sure they do, but get extra if they want to use all three of your holes at once.”

Amber felt a shiver run down her spine as she copied the address to Uber and selected her ride. It was only fifteen minutes away, maybe she’d get back home before sunup. If she did, Rob might fuck her before heading out for the day. If not, that would mean it wouldn’t be until tomorrow night that he fucked her… or at least she hoped that’s what it meant.

All she knew for sure was that this was the first time Rob hadn’t told her to get home as soon as she could, and that was a bad sign. If she didn’t figure out how to regain his attention she’d be replaced as well… perhaps he’d like her to have bigger tits?

That was something, and one of the girls at the club had the biggest tits Amber had ever seen. Perhaps she’d ask her tomorrow night who her surgeon was. Yes, yes that was a good idea.

Amber smiled as the Uber pulled up and she got in. She double checked she had lots of condom and headed off to be exactly what Rob had made her into.