Lori still wore the same cross around her neck she had since she was a pre-teen, but she was a completely different woman now than back then.

It wasn’t just the obvious changes that occurred to every young woman, though those changes had been good to her. No, while her friends had all gone on to be wives and mothers, Lori had gone in a different direction.

She had left her small town as soon as she’d graduated high school and headed to the big city, finding work where she could, while still following her dreams.

It was there she had come under the influence of Father Cranston, and it was he who had taught her what her true purpose was. It didn’t take him long to dissuade her of her thoughts of being a famous actress, and instead take her down the path he laid out for her.

A path of sex, and drugs, and abuse, that had broken her to her very core. He had sent her off to the “convent”, where they had reshaped her, rebuilt her, re-purposed her, in to what she was today.

“Lori, I’d like you to meet Senator Dickson.” Father Cranston said as he waved his hand at the man standing beside him.

She smiled and touch her necklace, “Hello Senator, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” she said as she let go of the cross and extended her hand.

The Senator took it in his own and placed a kiss on it.

“As I was telling you earlier Lori, Senator Dickson recently lost his wife and has come to the church for comfort.”

“Such a terrible loss Senator. My most sincere condolences. I’m sure you will find much comfort at the church.”

“Thank you Lori, I certainly hope so.” the Senator replied.

“Would you be so kind as to show the Senator around the church Lori? You know, give him a very… personal… tour?”

“I would be delighted to!” Lori replied and stepped over beside the Senator, looping her arm through his, before walking off towards the private room that were housed in the far wing of the church.

The Senator wouldn’t see much of the church that day, but he would be seeing every square inch of her body before he left.

It was the new purpose the Father Cranston and the church had given her, to entice powerful men like the Senator into supporting the church. Weather that meant a weekly visit to the private chambers, a full on mistress, or even a trophy wife, it was all fine with her.