Nurse Roberts held the syringe in one hand as she looked over at the Nurse Chambers and frowned.

Well, mentally she frowned, after all it wasn’t like her face could move much any more. Not even her lips could form anything but the slightly parted pouted that was permanently on them.

She wouldn’t have it any other way of course, she’d been Dr. Jones nurse for almost two decades and he’d done a lot of work on her to keep her as fuckable as she was. That was important of course, because otherwise he might tire of her and send her off to some other doctor… or even worse a nursing home or something!

She was quite looking forward to her surgery next month to pump up her tits once more, she knew he’d enjoy them, because she’d asked him exactly how big she should go.

None of that was the issue though, the issue was Nurse Chambers. The just out of nursing school new hire that had started just two months ago at the practice was the problem.

Oh, the petite blonde was competent, and friendly, and professional, there was nothing wrong with her work. It was what she represented… youth.

Nurse Roberts had seen it in Doctor Jones’ eyes the moment she stepped in to his office for her first interview. The sparkling blue eyes, the soft round face, the svelte figure. Doctor Jones’ saw the possibilities that just no longer existed for Nurse Roberts and that meant his interest in Nurse Roberts would wane.

Doctor Jones had instructed her to make friends with Nurse Chambers, best of friends, and she had. She’d been telling him all of Nurse Chambers secrets for the last few weeks each time he’d bent her over his desk and fucked her.

It had been easy enough get get the software on to Nurse Chambers phone once they had become friends, and it wasn’t long before they were talking all about he procedures that Doctor Jones had done to her. It was this morning, when the two of them had been gossiping over their morning coffee, that Nurse Chambers had finally broken down and asked Nurse Roberts if she’d do her lips after work.

Nurse Roberts sighed and walked over to Nurse Chambers and started to inject the syringe in to her lips. She wondered how much longer it would be until Doctor Jones’ scalpel pierced Nurse Chambers skin for the first time, how long it would be until she was bent over Doctor Jones’ desk for the first time, how long it would be until she assisted Doctor Jones in surgery alone for the first time.

How long it would be until she replaced Nurse Roberts completely.

Nurse Roberts finished up and held up a mirror to Nurse Chambers face and they gushed about her new lips, but inside Nurse Roberts was wondering if she was to be replaced, perhaps she could still serve Doctor Jones in some manner… some manner she hadn’t thought of yet.

Yes… yes that was a good idea. Perhaps she should ask Doctor Jones the next time he fucked her if there was any other capacity she could serve him in. Like, oh, she didn’t know, perhaps as his private fuck doll?

A shiver ran down Nurse Robert’s spine. Yes, yes that was a very good idea!

She smiled, of course her lips didn’t form one, but she smiled on the inside and things seemed better already.