Linda beamed with pride as Master entered the room with a surprised look on his face, “The twins I presume?” he asked with a knowing smile on his face.

“Yes Sir, you were right, as always. They were very easy to break once I had them in the dungeon.”

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as memories of the last week came back to her; the look of shock on the twin’s faces when they came too and saw they were bound and naked, their cries of panic as she slowly and meticulously explained what was going to happen to them, their pleas and begging for her to stop, their eventual whimpers and acceptance of their fate.

A slight moan escaped her lips as it inevitably lead to the memories of her own breaking came back to her. She hadn’t been so easy as the twins, and she was ashamed at how much trouble she’d been for Master to break. But she also knew that the process had brought him great pleasure and she worked every day to make it up to him now.

She managed to focus on the present and held out the two leashes to Master, “Perhaps you would like to take them for a walk Master? They are very obedient, they will obey any command you give them.”

He nodded and took the leashes from her, then looked directly in to her eyes, “Kneel.” he commanded and her legs gave out beneath her and she dropped down on the floor.

“Turn aroundโ€ฆ arse up.” he commanded and she quickly turned to match the twins, but then she pushed her ass as high up in to the air as she could and pushed her face in to the carpet.

His hand made contact with her ass and almost came, “Arf!”

She wiggled her ass as her landed another blow on her ass, then another, each time letting out an excited bark.

After all, she might have trained the twins to be the perfect, obedient pets for Master, but that was only because she knew exactly how to be that herself.