“Hi Dave, like ready for your lesson?” Tammy said as she beamed over at me from my private putting green at my house.

I smiled and nodded, “Sure Tammy.”

She let out a giggle, then jiggled her tits and ass, before bouncing up and down for a moment in excitement.

Tammy was a pro golfer… or more accurately, had been a pro golfer. She was still a pro of course, just a different kind of pro.

I had no idea how the company did it, or why for the matter. The kind of technology that could have taken an up and coming golfer like Tammy and made her in to an air headed bimbo, seemed better suited to more serious goals.

Not that I was complaining, I mean, my golf game can always use work and having Tammy come in once a week for some lessons… and banging sex to boot, was a good thing.

Yeah, ok, the cost was kinda high, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t afford it. I mean, the company didn’t cater to the middle class or anything, you had to be invited to have the privileged by an existing member.

“Goodie! Like, what do yea wanna work on this week?” the sound of her airy voice snapped me back to the moment.

“Well I’m still having problems with my putter…” I said with a smile.

“Awe! Like, poor baby! You just can’t get your balls deep in the hole? giggle

I shook my head with a frown and Tammy turned to put her putter away, giving me a good look at her ass as she did so. Then she turned back and got down on her knees and spread her legs apart before lifting up her skirt.

“So, like, just aim right for my pussy. Like, if you get it in 10 times, I’ll totally give you a blowjob. 20 a titty fuck. 30 you can fuck my cute little pussy, and 40 you can totally fuck my tight little ass! giggle

I smiled and nodded as I lined up my first putt. It didn’t really matter how much I missed, it wasn’t like there was a time limit or a limit to the number of tries, so I could keep going until I was satisfied… in more ways than one.

Today was going to be a titty fuck, those mounds stuck on to her chest were amazing to slide between and she’d done everything she could when she was still a rising star to hide and minimize them. Now of course she showed them off at every opportunity.

I sent my first putt directly at her pussy and it nuzzled up perfectly, “Oh my god! moan” she cried out as I watched her entire body shiver a bit. Then she picked up the ball, gave it a little kiss, before rolling it back to me.

The funny thing was, that while the company didn’t specialize in sports or golf, they were only focused on the sex work, and in fact most of their women had no special skills what so ever, Tammy had really helped my game.

So much so, that I was considering having her come twice a week just for the golf lessons and not even fuck her the second time.

I let out a chuckle and shook my head after the second putt had left my club. Who was I trying to kid, of course I was going to fuck her the second time.

In fact, if my game keep improving, I was going to have to look in to the purchase options the company had. After all I knew several of the guys I gambled with at the golf club were getting lessons as well, and that was costing me more than to buy Tammy outright.

Another loud moan came from Tammy as the ball came in contact with her pussy and I made a mental note to call the company and inquire further.