‘God it was so hot out!’ Daniella thought as she leaned back in the chair on her balcony and closed her eyes.

The air conditioned comfort of her condo was just behind the glass doors, but she remained still and calm in the heat of the mid-day sun.

The vibration of her smart watch brought her eyes open as she spread her legs and started to masturbate.

It only took a few moments for the pleasure to bring the name to her lips that she so deperated wanted to scream, “Jason… god… fuck me Jason…”

Her fingers slipped in to her pussy and she gasped, “Fuck! Put that big fucking cock right in to my tight little cunt!”

Her breathing became ragged as her fingers moved faster and faster, “YES! Just like that Jason! Fucking slam that cock in to me!”

The smart watched buzzed once, twice, three times and her orgasm crested and she collapsed back into the chair.

Jason watched from the tower across from Daniella’s and smiled, the telephone lens and directional microphone capturing every moment of her mid-day delight.

Hacking her smart watch had been easy enough, and from there he’d gotten access to her phone and then her computer. Installing the subliminal software on each of them had been trivial, but tuning them to her unique vitals had taken quite a while.

Fortunately, things were progressing well now. Just last week had been the first time she’d gone out on to the balcony without her top on, so a full on masturbation session today was great progress.

It would only be a day or two before she noticed him across the way, watching her, as she masturbated. Once she was at that point, he’d pay her a visit afterwards and then the real fun would begin.