Cassandra rubbed her temple gently as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror. It was an unfamiliar sight, her long brown hair mostly blonde, her modest breasts filled with silicon and stuffed in to the push up bra, the heavy makeup on her face, the low slung panties and the incredibly high pink heels that were on her feet along with the frilly socks.

She knew it wouldn’t last, not the image of her reflection, but the awareness that it was wrong, so, so wrong.

She had been an aide to one of the most powerful senators in Washington, climbing the political ladder one rung at a time, with every intent on taking political office herself one day.

She had choked back her disgust at her boss for almost two years, watching and staying silent, letting the lecherous old man have his way with any number of young women behind his wife’s back.

It was none of her business. But when he tried to subvert his last election… that was a step too far.

She’d gone to the ethics committee and given her complaint. Followed by the public testimony for the senate. And she’d “won” by every measure. He was disgraced and kicked out of the senate, banned from running for public office.

Unfortunately the men in power never like to take down one of their own and she found herself on the receiving end of a smear campaign to discredit her as well. It had ended any thought of a future in public office, but she still had other options and she’d pursed several lucrative options in the private sector.

Three months later she had been on the fast track to becoming a partner at a prestigious firm and had put the entire torrid episode behind her.

Or at least she thought she had, those powerful men that had backed her old boss, still had been nursing a grudge.

The public spotlight no longer on her, they made their move. Picking her up on her way home one night before she even got to her car, they whisked her away for weeks of brainwashing and training.

When it was done, they set her up in this very apartment.

She had no idea what had happened to her old life, she’d tried to Google herself, but her fingers just wouldn’t type in the search box. She was pretty sure she’d seen a news report that mentioned her, but it was like someone had edited out the information from her mind and when she tried to recall it, it was like time just jumped over it.

It was… frustrating to say the least. But not nearly as frustrating as these moments, moments of clarity about what had happened to her.

A knock on her door snapped her out of the moment and she started to feel the clarity slip away. She tried to hold on to it, but it was like a greased pig slipping between her fingers.

A second knock burst the last of her clarity and a smile crossed her lips as she wiggled her ass and then swayed her hips to the door to open it.

She smiled as a shiver of lust ran over her body at the sight of him, “Hiya Boss!”

The ex-senator smiled a wolfish grin and stepped inside, “Well hello there Sandi, how is my back stabbing little minx today?”

She stepped into him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as the door closed behind him, her lips found his and their tongues intertwined for a few moments.

“Mmmm… I’m so much better now that you’re here so I can make it up to you Boss…”

He grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard, pulling her back in to a kiss. It wouldn’t be long before they were in the bedroom, where she could get what she deserved, just as she’d stabbed him in the back, he would be driving something hard and long in to her backside as well.