Mindy tentatively extended her tongue as her eyes rolled up to the left, just as it came in contact with her lips her eyes went wide as the image of a cock buried between her lips popped in to her head.

“Oh! giggle Like, that’s sooooo amazing!” she cried out and then ran her tongue across her upper lip and the image returned, but this time it flashed though several as her tongue moved across her lip, like an old time flip book animation.

“Mmmm… that’s so hot!” she said when he tongue returned into her mouth and she closed her eyes and pressed her lips together.

“You like it then?” James asked and she opened her eyes once more and smiled broadly at him.

“Oh my god yes!” she replied and then moved her hands up to her cleavage, grabbed the inner part of her dress and pulled it aside to expose her tits, “Like, see how totally hard my nipples are?!? giggle

Before he could answer she let go of her dress and took hold of her nipples and gave them a pinch, the image of a man taking her nipples between his teeth forming in her mind. Then, as she pulled them out from her body, the image became a small movie just like it had with her lips, but this time the man pulled back with her nipples still in between his teeth, distending her nipple as he did.

She hardly noticed James walking over to her and then position himself behind her. He reached around and placed his hands on the sides of her tits and then pushed them together. A new image appear in her mind, of a cock buried deep between her tits, then as he jiggled her tits, the movie started of the cock titty fucking her.

“Oh god baby, fuck my tits! giggle I love a good titty fuck!”

It wasn’t long before he reached down and raised up the hem of her dress and his fingers found her waiting pussy, this time as he played with her clit, her mind was filled with images of being fucked hard and fast.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me!”

Instead he continued to play with her clit for a few more minutes and then let her dress fall back down and walked around in front of her again.

Mindy was flustered, breathing heavily at the arousal she felt from her lips, tits and clit, “Oh my god baby! That was totally amazing!”

James smiled and nodded, “You like the new programming for your lips?”

“Like, oh my god yes! giggle

“That’s good, I’m glad.”

Mindy scrunched her forehead in thought for a moment and then pouted a bit.

“What’s wrong?” James asked.

“Well, like, you said when I signed up for the study that you were gonna totally do four sessions… and like, this is the third and you’ve done my tits and clit and, like, now my lips. So, what’s the fourth gonna be?”

James smiled slightly and chuckled, “Well, what do you think it’s going to be Mindy?”

She scrunched her forehead again for a moment before her face exploded in surprise and she let out a fit of giggles, “Like, OH MY GAWD! I’m such a ditz! giggle It’s totally gonna be my ass right! giggle

“Gold star Mindy. Now remember your appointment next week is at the same time.”

“Like, I can hardly wait! giggle” Mindy replied and grabbed her small purse and wiggle her way out of the research lab and back out to the university campus.

Miranda looked at the sign beside the door, “Research Lab 23”, then down at the slip of paper she had pulled off the announcements board in the quad.

It was hard to believe that anyone would pay $500 for a one hour research session with four sessions guaranteed, but she needed the money for rent and help with tuition for next semester as well, so why not give it a try.

She knocked on the door and a man answer with a broad smile, “Hi I’m James, are you here for the research subject position?”

“Yes, I’m Miranda.” she said as he held out his hand and shook it.

“Well, come on in and let me fill you in on the details.”

Miranda nodded and followed him in to what could only be described as a mad scientist lab. Hardware everyone, electronics all over the place, several seats that had helmets with wires running all over them.

“I’m doing research on implanting images in to the mind that can be triggered with physical contact, for training and learning purposes. Kind of like giving people a photographic memory that they can trigger the recall of just by tapping their wrist or something like that.”

Miranda raised an eyebrow but could easily see the advantages of such a think, even for her own studying, having a copy of the periodic table of elements at her finger tips could be useful as a physicist.

“Ok, well, that sounds interesting.”

“Great! Let me get the release forms and we can get started.”

Miranda nodded and looked around some more as James walked over to his desk and shuffled through some papers. Miranda looked at the equipment with a critical eye, it seemed well designed and it was part of the university program… so what could go wrong really?