A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday July 19, 2022

Bunny did her best to smile as she snapped the photo and sent it to her owner, “Am I not ready yet Sir?” she added to the caption.

Her half smile quickly faded to a frown as her lower lip quivered as she awaited the reply.

She’d been at the clinic for almost a month, being altered and upgraded for her owner, which was hard work. Even now, after almost two weeks of wearing the corset, she still found it hard to breath.

And her tits, even though they had done them first, were still sore from the surgery.

Her phone chimed and she looked at the response, “I don’t know… is Bunny?”

She let out a low whimper as she realized her mistake, her fingers flew across the keyboard as she typed the response, “Bunny sorry… Bunny not make mistake again… Bunny is a good bunny!”

The single shaking head emoji response was all she needed to throw her phone on the bed and then get down on her haunches and push her ass out as far as she could. Then, her hand came down on it as hard as she could manage.

“Bunny is a bad bunny! Bunny is just a dumb animal! Bunny talk in third person… never first!” her hand came down between each statement to reinforce each and every one of them.

“As you can see, she’d coming along quite well. No need for external reinforcement, she’s taking care of that herself now.”

John nodded as he looked at the large monitor on the wall of the office as he put his phone back in to his pocket.

“This will be particularly useful after she leaves the clinic. You’ll be able to have her self reinforce any commands you give her so there won’t be any need to come back for as many maintenance sessions.”

“Speaking of which… how much longer until I can take her home? Her pen has been done for over a week and I’m eager to see her in it.”

“Well, she did take a little longer than expected for the initial processing to take hold, a strong willed woman to start with. As I’m sure you know.”

John nodded again, knowing full well how strong willed Bernice was… or had been. That woman could have given Satan himself a run for his money.

“But things are moving along well now. A week, perhaps two just to be sure.”

“Alright, that’s fine. What’s two more weeks after ten years of marriage after all.”

The other man nodded and then walked over to his desk and picked up a folder before handing it to John.

“This is all of her new paperwork; birth certificate, passport, social security number, etc.”

John took the folder and opened it, smiling at the name on the documents, “Bunny Boobs”.

“Good. I’ll drop back next week to check up on her… same time alright?”

“Yes, that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll be happy with her progress by then. I’ll reserve a private room for your visit as well so you can spend some alone time with her while you’re here.”

John just smiled and turned to leave, he was looking forward to next week… and the week after that and the week after that… as he played with his new pet in every and any way he wanted to, just like the perfect divorce service had promised.

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