“Are you satisfied, you bastard?” Candy said with a sneer at the man that had ruined her life.

Then she pushed her tits out and gave them a jiggle, ‘Fuck, these new tits are so much heavier than the last set!’ she thought as her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened.

She hated the fact it was happening against her will, her body betraying her with every degrading act she performed. She’d once been a respected runway model, now she was just a blow up sex doll.

“Candy, Candy, Candy… you know I love the way those new tits move.” the man said as he stepped up in front of her and cupped her tits in his hands and gave them a jiggle.

“The Doc did great work on them, tell me how they feel.”

“God, they’re so fucking heavy! The feel like two giant bags of water stuck to my chest!”

He smiled and pushed her tits together, squeezing them as he did. A moan mixed with a whimper escaped her lips as he did so.

“And… and… they make me so horny! I want to show them off so badly to everyone that passes buy… men or women… it doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter?” he asked with a raised eyebrow and a wolfish grin on his lips.

“It… it… god… yes it matters damn it! I want the women to be jealous of my big fake tits, but the guys… the guys… oh god… I want their big hard cocks to slide between my tits! Every single one of them!”

And with that admission, her hands flew from her sides right to the man’s pants, her fingers quickly working the zipper and button until they were around his feet.

The man let out a chuckle and let go of her tits, a gasp escaped her lips, disappointment coursing through her until she heard the ripping of her top as the man tore asunder.

Her tits exposed to the open air, the warm mid-day sun hitting them, she sank to her knees and got to work.

“I don’t know, she’s hot… but kinda lacking up top.” Dave said as he look on as the photo shoot continued.

“Yeah, but you can take care of that. I mean, it’s not like she’d going to say no to some implants is she?” Kevin replied.

Dave let out a slight chuckle, “Well, no. Of course not. But you’re sure, right? I mean she’s been a cash cow for you for quite a while. And she has a lot of potential to go all the way.”

Kevin let out a sigh and slumped his shoulders, “I know, don’t remind me. She’s going to be hard to replace, that’s for sure. But she literally slapped Damian in the face when he propositioned her, so…”

“Ouch…” Dave replied with a wince, “That is definitely a career limiting move, to say the least.”

Dave and Kevin nodded with each other in agreement before Dave continued, “Well you know I’m always looking for new talent, and you’re right, she’s not going to say no to some upgrades. What was her name again?”


“That will have to change too, but not an issue. How much longer do you need her for before I can take her off you’re hands?”

“She’s got two more photo shoots next week and one scheduled for the week after that, so three weeks should do it. I’ll let you know if anything changes… Damien might torpedo the shoots that are scheduled after all.”

Dave nodded and then patted his friend on the back, “Alright, sounds good.”

Both men continued to smile as the photo shoot wrapped up and Dave started to plan Katrina’s future. She was going to need a lot of work done to bring her up to his standards, he probably wouldn’t turn a profit on her for a least a year or more, but that was alright. Once she was working in his private club she’d more than earn her keep.