Libby held the nozzle of gas pump as the clicking of the meter sounded behind her. It was cold and windy, and while her coat kept part of her warm, her almost transparent top did little for the rest of her. When the clicking finished, she wiggled her butt over to the pump, placed the nozzle away and then closed the gas cap before returning to the driver seat.

She looked in the review mirror to see Dave sitting comfortably, with his hand bobbing up and down on what she knew was Sindy’s head.

Libby gave a little pout, that had been her just a few weeks ago, Dave’s favorite toy, but now she had been demoted to driver.

“Ready to go Sir.” she said while looking in the mirror and then made eye contact with Dave.

“Alright, let’s get a move on then… don’t want to be late.” Dave replied and she nodded and started the car, driving off from the gas station.

She drove off and found it hard to keep her mind on the road, she would have given anything to be in the backseat instead, eagerly sucking on Dave’s cock. But that wasn’t her job any more, not that she didn’t get to do it once in a while, but she no longer got to do it all the time.

A little while later they pulled up in front of a club, right to the front door and Libby jumped out of the car, walked around to the passenger’s side and opened the door. Sindy stepped out first, Libby saw a little bit of cum still on the corner of her lip and felt the jealousy rise up inside her once more.

Then Dave stepped out, and a moment later the two of them disappeared inside the club. Libby closed the door, walked around to the drivers side once more and then drove around the block to where the parking garage was.

Once parked, she got out of the SUV and walked over to where the other drivers were standing around, sheltered from the cold wind by structure of the parking garage, they chatted amongst themselves as they waited for their clients to call on them again.

“Hi.” she said and smiled, giving her tits a little shake as she did.

“Hey Libby…” one of them replied and the others waved or nodded towards her and then continued on.

The conversation was boring, but better than just sitting in the SUV alone, and after a little bit she had managed to get in beside Harry. This had been her routine almost every night the last few weeks. Drive Dave to the club, chat with the other drivers a bit, then decide which one she was going to blow to pass the time.

She’d blown all the drivers there tonight, hence why she was cuddling up to Harry, he had by far the biggest cock and last the longest out of all the others.

It wasn’t long before the two of them peeled off and headed back to his limo, where she eagerly wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked on his balls with abandon.

It wasn’t nearly as good as sucking off Dave, but a cock was better than no cock and so she couldn’t complain in the slightest.

Liberty rolled her eyes at the man she was dancing for, “Yeah, sure you can.” she said as she ground her ass in to his lap. She had to admit, it was a new one, that was for sure. Lots of guys promised money or pleasure, but she’d never had anyone promise her longing.

“I promise I can make you long to suck my dick every night, I’m that good.”

She shook her head and turned around, “Look, if you want a blowjob, that’s $1000 on top of the dances, just say so. But don’t think you’re going to rock my world just because I’ve got your dick in my mouth.” she shot back.

A wicked smile crossed his lips, “Alright, done.”

She raised an eyebrow, nobody said yes to her offer, she always used it as a way of shutting down those that annoyed her.

“Alright, but you pay upfront.”

Then man reached in to his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills, then peeled off ten $100 bills and handed them to her. She recounted them, double checked them and then put them away in her small purse before smiling widely.

“Ok then, just sit back and relax…” she said as she slipped off his lap and between his legs, her fingers quickly unzipping his pants.

It wasn’t the first time she’d accepted extra cash for some extra fun, though normally it was only with regulars and she offered a very different rate to them. But if this guy wanted to blow his load, both monetarily and sexually, well that was fine by her.

The instant her lips touched the tip of his dick, she knew something was wrong. It was like and electric surge burst through her lips and coursed through her entire body. Without thinking, she dove all the way down and started pumping his dick in and out of her throat.

It felt like someone was licking her clit and sucking on her nipples at the same time. It was like her whole body was awash in pleasure and with each stroke it only increased more and more.

Minutes later she was desperate, her eyes looking up at the man, pleading with him.

“See how good it feels? I bet your so wet and desperate right now that you’ll agree to just about anything I want, wouldn’t you?”

She managed to nod her head as she stroked up and down his shaft.

He grunted a little and shuffled in his seat, “Fuck, you are good at sucking cock though, aren’t you?”

The encouragement only made her suck harder.

“Fuck yeah. Ok, you’re a keeper. So here’s how it’s going to be. I’ll let you keep sucking my cock, but in return you’re going to be anything I want you to be. Eager and obedient. Horny and slutty. You might be my arm candy, my driver, my secretary, or my fuck toy. Anything I want you to be, no questions ask.”

Liberty was hardly able to understand anything but the cock pulsing between her lips, her body desperate for release, she simply let the words flow over her and bury themselves deep in to her mind.

Then his cum filled her throat and her orgasm crashed over her.