Darla couldn’t believe what she was looking at, it had to be wrong, it couldn’t be true!

“What’s the matter babe?” Tom, her boyfriend asked.

“What?!? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.” she replied hurriedly and closed the app on her phone and tried to put the image out of her mind.

It didn’t work, how could it?

FuturePic was never wrong and yet there was so much wrong from the picture they had sent her, but most importantly, were those tits.

She shook her head before she caught herself doing it and then excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She sat in a stall and pulled up the picture once more…. what else could she call those but tits?

Big fake tits.

They were so high on her chest, they must have been recent. She’d ordered her FuturePic for five years, expecting to see her and Tom still together, maybe married and starting a family, never this.

This made it impossible for Tom to still be in her life, he hated plastic surgery, called it defacing God’s work.

The rest of the picture was off a big as well from what she expected. The lingerie was ok, but not something she would have bought. Her hair looked good, but far too long and perfectly styled. She’d once thought about a belly button piercing, but had never gone through with it.

But then it hit her, she wasn’t holding a camera in the photo, which meant that someone else had taken it, as FuturePic could only retried photos from the future that had actually been taken in the future.

That meant she was showing off her body to someone! A quiver ran down her spine as the thought rumbled around her brain, until she realized her nipples had hardened and her pussy had moistened as it did so.

“Oh god…” she whispered under her breath at the realization that the though was turning her on.

She whimpered softly for a few moments before pulling herself together and cleaning herself up, knowing the FuturePic was the truth and thinking about how to break up with Tom.

Just as she was about to step out of the bathroom, another though entered her mind. She looked happy in the FuturePic, happy to be showing off her body, and if the sudden horniness she had felt was any indication, she had no doubt about that.

But she had never even thought of something like that before seeing the FuturePic, so if she had never seen it, would she still have gone down that path? Or would she have stayed with Tom, never knowing that it was such a turn on to her?

Had the FuturePic changed the future from the past?

Her head spun just thinking about it and she shook the thought from her head as she tried to smile and took her seat beside Tom once more. She still had some time to figure it all out. And even if she didn’t, whoever had taken that picture was sure to find her sooner or later anyway.